Advertisement - The Pet Pamperers - Dog Walking Service Assessment Answers

February 26, 2018
Author : Syd Howell

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Question: Advertisement - The Pet Pamperers - Dog Walking Service

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The Pet Pamperers - Dog Walking Service Assignment


Advertising Assessment

Advertising Assessment

Advertising Assessment

Advertising Assessment

Advertising Assessment

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Page 2

  1. Mike’s Cycles Magazine Advertisement

Bicycle Victoria Edition: Ride on

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Mike’s Cycles Advertisement Hoarding


Mike’s Cycles Front Web Page



This part of the report covers the detailed information about central or creative ideas that were used in the development of four types of mass media contents for the Mike’s Cycles Store. Also, the significant benefits of each of the mass media design developed for the Cycle store is assessed in the report, time frame, schedule, budget required for completion and the constraints related to ethical and legal that are taken into consideration during the design and development of media advertisements are conformed in the report.

The central idea / creative concept / technique that was chosen for the concepts of advertisements for Mike’s Cycles was to keep it as simple as possible and include lesser contents so that readers / customers can easily figure out the actual purpose of the advertisement displayed in each of the mass prints. We ensured to include the latest inclusions in the Mike’s Cycles Store in each of the mass prints so as to communicate it with our customers. Highlighting these inclusions such as opening a new coffee shop in the Store premises, attractive loyalty schemes available for customers, inclusion of latest and more number of outfits for both men and women have been highlighted in each of the media prints. Uniformity in the design and content in each of the mass prints have been maintained effectively which include – designing a new logo for Mike’s Cycles, use of colours etc.

There are several types of readers who prefer different sources to check and get information about any topic. Thus, our idea was to include mass prints of all types of advertisements. Hence, we chose newspapers, magazines, advertisement hoarding and website. Advertisement contents in both newspaper and magazine have been limited to a fewer words so that readers don’t get bored of understanding the purpose of printing the article. Also, advertisement in newspaper will be published twice in a week for continuous two weeks so as to seek attention of readers constantly. Thus, newspaper named Mx was chosen, for publishing is one of the popular and fastest selling newspapers in Melbourne. Also, magazine named Bicycle Victoria was chosen to print the article on Mike’s Cycle Store. As readers are more curious to read and understand articles that are published in the initial few pages, the article was chosen to be published in the fifth page of the magazine. Readers who buy newspapers and magazines will surely catch an eye on the Mike’s Cycles article and also refer it to their friends and relatives. Placing hoarding near to the Store will help customers figure out that the store is nearby and the chances of visiting Mike’ Cycles is increased. Customers’, who prefer considering online information, can have a look at the website and understand the new inclusions in the store and also the services provided by the Store.

All the contents in four media prints were written effectively and upon completion of each media print, it was checked for accuracy and completeness with the owner of Mike’s Cycles and the content was finalized. Contents, logo and inclusions in each mass prints was kept same throughout and hence, accuracy was ensured.

Time required to develop all the four mass prints is one week. Following is Table – 1 that provide detailed information about schedule for each mass print and its relevant budget.



The important elements of a print advertisement to communicate the required image, features and benefits of the product are:

  • Catchy contents and message / information – it is extremely important to convey the information about product to readers / viewers / customers in catchy statements. Also, it is important to ensure that the catchy contents are covered in a fewer words or lines so that the information does not lose its essence and effectiveness. Highlighting the catchy information in the advertisement is equally important.
  • Unique feature / inclusions – also, apart from catchy content, it is important to explain the new inclusions or additions in the store / company and portray the unique features and services provided by the company
  • Company logo – A company’s logo is its identity and thus, having a unique and attractive company logo is very important in any kind of mass print advertisements. Also, consistency in the logo such as colour and name must be maintained effectively.

Positioning each element of the print advertisement to achieve focus and balance for the advertisement is very important. Thus, according to me, catchy content / information is the element of higher priority in each of the mass print advertisement as most of the information is conveyed through the catchy lines and is later supported by the description of the inclusions or unique features of the company’s product or service. Lastly, including the company’s logo adds more effect to the advertisement as Company’s identity will be maintained throughout as images are catchier rather than content.

As already mentioned in previous section, the central idea of developing the advertisement was to keep it as simple as possible. Thus, typeface selections chosen were simple and classy fonts with less number of colours used in the advertisement. To keep it unique enough, mild colours such as grey was chosen. And all the highlighting contents were presented in red and black colours to add more attractiveness in the advertisement. Margins, layout balances and white spaces in each advertisement were maintained uniformly to ensure systematic representation of each of the advertisement. Also, unnecessary spaces between contents were avoided to enhance the quality of the representation of mass print advertisement.

Considering the advertising brief provided by Mike’s Cycles, the main contents of each advertisement type was decided separately to ensure it meets the requirements of each mass print advertisement. The main purpose of developing advertisements for Mike’s Cycles was to express the new inclusions in the store such as new range of costumes for female riders, coffee shop in the store premises and new loyalty programme / scheme. These features have been efficiently included in each of the mass print advertisements. Also, they are in accordance with the legal and ethical requirements as they follow all important regulations of not including other brand names or hurting sentiments.

Assessment – 2

Advertising is a method of information shared with the intention of attracting and giving information to people about business, service or a product. There are plenty of advertising methodologies that an organization or individual can make use of to achieve the goal.

The following examples explain some good advertising:

  1. McDonald made their advertisement using California poppies on land beside highways. It is illegal to dig up these flowers in California, so the advertisement can never be destroyed and they are attractive because of their colour.
  2. Axe used the fact that the white coloured running man diagram we usually follow guiding us to and from emergency exits is not running from a fire, but instead a number of ladies, crazed by the scent of Axe perfume.
  3. FedEx brand is a logistics company and they make use of the huge white trucks they own. They know how iconic their trucks are and they make use of it for advertising.
  4. The information communicated to your audience should include the message that you intend to convey. Moreover it makes sense to include information that will catch the attention of the audience a way that other advertisements don’t. Ultimately the customer will think of quality and benefit he can make, so the information should be presented in a way to prove customer will benefit by buying your product or service.

The three different supporting pieces of information that needs to be included in mass print advertisements are:

  • Address of the place where the product or service can be availed
  • Contact information such as phone number, email
  • Additional details such as website name and other details

Some of the legal and ethical constraints involved are:

  • Not to use other organization, individual’s intellectual property such as patent, copyright, logo etc.
  • Not to hurt anyone’s sentiments on basis of colour, race, religion, sexuality, gender etc.

Seven design elements of print advertisements are:

  • Text elements
  • Graphical elements
  • Color elements
  • Layout, border elements
  • Size and shape elements
  • Paper and ink elements
  • Ad Placement elements

The most important aspects while planning your advertisement layout are knowing the amount of space available in detail. Also for layout planning the number of words that appear in the advertisement, the aspects like spacing and font would be important.


  • Creating an objective
  • Selling according to that objective
  • Making catchy headers
  • Preparing attractive graphical content
  • Equally spaced text with good font
  • Emphasize the benefit to end customer
  • Make the advertisement more readable
  • Plan the layout properly
  • Avoid complex and indirect advertising
  • Evaluate the advertisement

9.1 The design or content of the advertisement should not contain any content that creates discrimination of gender, race, religion, marital status, age, disability etc.

9.2 The design or content of the advertisement should not contain any content that Disrespects Company or individual, creates harm to people or creates injustice to people.

9.3 The design or content of the advertisement should not contain any content that does not follow fair trade practices. This includes making sure the information presented is accurate, precise and not involving in misappropriation or fraud.

9.4 The design or content of the advertisement should not contain any content that exposes any confidential data such as personal information about customers, individuals, public, private or other partner company’s personal data.

9.5 The design or content of the advertisement should not contain any content that uses the exclusive legal right of other company such as copyright, logo etc.

The constraints that are generally faced while developing advertisement for a company are – not mentioning or including competitor product or name in the advertisements, not using their copyright logo or advertisement theme, not insulting competitor’s product in the advertisement description or presentation etc.

11.1 “Customer is King”, this statement is so true that customers are the ultimate deciders about a product or a service provided by a company. The product or service must be designed and presented to customers in such a way that they please or impress them so that they return again to buy the product or service provided by the company. In case if a product misses few features, then upon customer demands; those features must be added in products immediately

11.2 Advertising is a means of attracting customers to buy their products. Thus, developing unique and attractive advertisements is very important and in such a way that they express that a company provide best products in comparison with other leading brands or companies.

11.3 Mass advertisements such as newspapers, website, blogs, hoardings, pamphlets, magazine articles etc attract various types of customers and hence, it is true that advertising help a company to increase its sales to a larger extent

11.4 Developing new advertisement for a company and its product clearly showing its features and benefits can help a company to increase its sales and hence, re – launch their product

  1. “Make your best Offer” while developing advertisements mean s developing mass print ads that best suit the requirements provided by the client and is within the budget offered by client and is completed within the timeframe and schedule provided. Also, value addition defining the motto of advertisement is very important while developing advertisements and can be included as a part of that offer.
  2. It is extremely important that the advertisements must be kept simple in order to make it understand to common man and thus gain attention of large number of consumers. Presenting a simple message through the advertisement is important to maintain its effectiveness and customer’s attention. Developing complex and lengthy advertisements lose its essence and thus are ineffective. Achieving simple advertisement presentation can be done by including simple yet short message, simple fonts and minimal use of colours in fonts and background and fancy fonts.
  3. While establishing goal of an advertisement, it is important to consider the actual purpose of the advertisement and presenting the unique feature of product or its inclusions is important.
  4. Steps that should be followed when developing advertisements are:
  5. Simple yet catchy message
  6. Simple fonts and use of colours and placing company logo
  7. Maintaining consistency
  8. Effective and neat presentation
  9. Basically the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a factor or a product feature which effectively differentiates it from their leading competitors, for example, product cost, unique feature, quality etc. Basically USP aims to define the features a company’s product has which the competitor’s product does not consist.

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