Community Care - Social and Physical Disability Assessment Answers

February 26, 2018
Author : Syd Howell

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Community Care - Social and Physical Disability Assignment


Community Care

Community Care

Community Care

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IntroductionThe physical status of an individual has a lot of influence on the manner in which other people look at you. This can often have some psychological effects such as depression. Being disabled can often lead to discrimination from the public community. Disability has had a great impact on the life of Nick since he was young. Other people who are in a similar position as him also face these challenges (Mehrotra 2012, pp. 109). However, the effects that one faces varies from one person to another. It depends on with how much one is affected by these practices.

Impacts of Disability

Socially, disability has a huge impact on an individual. Nick illustrates his life since childhood when other students used to look down on him. This made him feel weak and alone. This shows that the social impact on a disabled person can be immense. It changes the way people view themselves in front of others (Duane 2016, pp. 98). If people within the society begin saying that you cannot make it in life, then you will begin feeling that way. According to Nick, he underwent similar stage during the early stages of his life. He always felt left out because other people did things that he was not able to do. He used to look at himself in the mirror and become depressed because he was different. Nick states that there is power in encouragement. When people say encouraging things to him, he felt uplifted. He encourages people to say positive things about other people as it plays a major role in giving them the courage they need to hold on.

Disability also has an impact on the economic sector. People usually engage themselves in economic activities in a bid to earn revenue or income. However, one requires being physically fit to be able to engage in these activities. Disability can hinder the disabled community from engaging in normal economic activities. Employers often prefer not employing physically challenged people because they require specialized care, which means that the company will incur additional operating costs. According to Nick, he was unable to do various activities that other people did because he is physically impaired (Vujicic 2012). Disability prevents people from engaging in some economic activities because of physical constraints. For this reason, people with physical disability have a hard time when interacting with people who are often looking down on them. The political arena is responsible for developing rules and legislation that will work for the benefit of all citizens. Laws are developed to ensure that all citizens are treated equally (Schumm 2010, pp. 99). For example, most countries have made it mandatory for employers not to discriminate their employees for being physically challenged.


Disability is something normal and that nobody chooses to have it. However, the society has a character of discriminating against the physically challenged within the society. For this reason, the disabled in the society continue feeling down and depressed. It is important that the physically challenged people are encouraged as this gives them motivation and courage to continue living on. Nick has encountered numerous challenges while he was growing up. Legally, legislations can be put in place to ensure that the act of discrimination is eliminated in the workplace. All people should have equal opportunities in the workplace. According to Nick, a word of encouragement can go a long way in improving the life of a physically challenged person.

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