Journal Reflection - Allies & Action - Case Study Assessment Answers

January 04, 2018
Author : Charles Hill

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Question: Journal Reflection

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Journal Reflection Case Study

Case Scenario

journal reflection

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Diane Goodman has focused on how to be an ally. The important things that stood out in chapter are to be an effective ally it is important to listen first and talk later. When we find that some minor group has been mistreated it is necessary to know the best way to tackle it and then help the group speak for themselves. It is important to make friendship with people who are not in the mainstream culture. Friendship is the first step which is taken in being an ally. Also, it is important to be aware of the gender language used and what significance it will have. Therefore gender neutral language has to be used which helps to make friendship easily too and become ally (Goodman, 2001). Also proper action to avoid oppression should be taken like introducing to friends, acknowledge the privilege, reduce the power of oppressor etc (, 2016).

In my own experience regarding to the content of Goodman is: I had to support a group of people belonging to minority as they were being affected by public. They did not have any facilities compared to other group. The first thing I did was to find out what best can be done to help the group and then appropriate take steps (AAUW: Empowering Women Since 1881, 2016). My first step was to communicate with the group properly and make friendship with them. Although it was a challenge for me to be friendly and communicate properly I overcame it (10 Steps to Becoming an Effective Ally to the LGBT Community, 2013). Also to take action against oppression it is important to develop power within oneself and within group (Everyday Feminism, 2014). Also reduce the powder of oppression helps to be an ally. Along with these challenges has to be faced to be an ally. In my experience I went through many challenges like communication, giving time and space to people, taking actions against oppression etc. These challenges have to be overcome to successfully help people and be an ally.

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