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    Online Reflective Assessment Help on Reflective Pieces Topics Given to Students

    Students are given reflective assessments wherein they have to write reflective pieces which will reflect on a specific content within the course. They have to gather information from relevant sources, bring together concepts from relevant parts of the course and write their personal experiences. We help the students academically in writing the reflective pieces. In the first reflective piece question it is asked that whether the business should be worried about more than profit or not. In the second reflective piece it is reflected on what values should students put in a career. To make sense, useful conceptual background from the segment of the course which discusses what it means to be professional is used by our experts in their writings. The part on ethics is used and personal experience of other people who are memorable or influential because of the values they displayed, or own personal experience is written. In the third reflective piece the importance of leading a life of meaning and integrity in your professional life when asked.

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    In the first reflective piece the information is collected from Edward Freeman’s article on the stakeholder theory of the firm, A Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation in Hartman, LB (ed), Perspectives in Business Ethics, McGraw-Hill, Chicago IL, pp. 171-181, etc. Our experts use a conceptual background that comes from the segment of the course which discusses sustainability or from the part on the relationship between business and society is used. Personal experiences of where a business has placed undue emphasis on profit with unfortunate consequences, or where the concern shown by a business for the community has had positive consequences, or some other personal experiences are written. In the third reflective piece information is drawn from: Life’s Work Jane Goodall by Jane Bell (2010); E reading 15:Life’s Work Muhammed Yunus by Alison Beard (2012); E reading 24: How will you measure your life by Clayton M Christensen (2010). Our reflective writing records the writer’s thoughts about individual learning and experience. Whenever ideas are sourced, referencing is done by using the UniSA version of the Harvard Guide by our writers.

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