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    Marketing Strategy and Plan Assignment Help

    Every successful business enterprize must have a marketing strategy and plan. Creating marketing strategies and plan is a task of managerial and operational staff of a company in order to implement effective marketing strategies in a creative manner. A marketing strategy and plan contains components like identifying the current position of the company to find out the need for a marketing strategy. Further, organizational goals are formulated and strategies to be implemented are identified. Moreover, the marketing strategy and plan assesses the marketing opportunities, defines the target market and analyzes the marketing budget.

    marketing strategy and plan assignment help for Australian Students is very important if students don’t know to to plan and strategise things. This aids in streamlining product development. It determines optimal prices of products. It provides the organization an edge over its competitors. It ensures coordination among departments. Optimum utilization of resources is done with the help of an effective marketing strategy.

    Syllabus of the Subject

    The subject will cover the following topics of study:

    • Strategic marketing planning in the contemporary environment
    • Components of a strategic marketing plan
    • Visions missions, values, and credos, organizational goals and objectives
    • Organization for marketing strategy
    • Internal situational analysis – resources, capabilities, and competencies
    • External analysis – markets, customers, competitors and environment (PESTLE)
    • SWOT and competitive advantage
    • Tactical marketing – target markets, positioning, brands and the marketing mix
    • Marketing the marketing plan – internally and externally

    Job Opportunities Available for Strategic Planners

    • Head of Strategic Marketing
    • Product Marketing Analyst
    • Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy, and Analysis
    • Product Marketing and Strategy Analyst
    • Corporate Strategy Planner
    • Strategic Planning Manager

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