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    STA101 – Statistics for Business Elite Education Institute assignment Task Help

    Students of Elite Education Institute who are studying Statistics for Business subject are given assessment tasks on it. They have to solve practical statistics questions for which their understanding level should be high in its concepts and calculations should be accurate. They have marks assigned to the assessments; therefore they seek for expert guidance. The questions asked in the assessment in Statistics for Business subject are:

    1. Probability distributions of amount of time taken by two people to complete a certain job are given. Calculations have to be made on average time taken by both to complete the job, standard deviation and who would you chose to do the given job.
    2. Questions on computation of mean, median, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, quartile, percentile, etc are given and students and they have to perform formula based calculations on the given data.
    3. Questions on Z table and use of diagrams to present the data are given.
    4. Questions on why does σ pose a problem for sample size calculation for a mean? How can σ be approximated when it is unknown
    5. Questions on why is it better to say “fail to reject H0” instead of “accept H0”
    6. A situation is given and students and they have to identify Type 1 error, Type 2 error and analyze which type of error is more serious.

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    Expertise Solutions for Statistics for Business Assignment

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