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July 30, 2017
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Essay Writing Assignment

Part –1 Career Goals 

  • Describe where you are today – work and or studies
  • Was that as per plan or did it just happen , do you enjoy being in this position?
  • Where would you like to be  3 or 5 years from now in terms of career?
  • Discuss and link your career opportunities to your career goal

Part-2 About Your self 

  • What do you know about your self , your personality , values and learning styles?
  • Use appropriate self-assessment tools to support your discussions
  • Summarise you information about your self and link it to your career goals – are this personal qualities suitable or not?

Part  - 3 Current Skill inventory

  • Identify your 3 strength and 3 weaknesses in management skills
  • Do self-assessment skills test for them from appropriate topics
  • Discuss , reflect and link them to the skills required for your identified career goal

Part – 4 learning goal and Action Plans 

As a result of undergoing a skills inventory what are your main goals that will improve your three skills? This is where you also draw on articles and texts to discuss the insights you have obtained from the concepts to understand how you may change your behaviour and be more effective in the future. Your learning goals need to be SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time bound). 

Develop some strategies and action plans to improve the three skills that will achieve your career goals. What are the barriers you’re likely to encounter to achieve your career and learning goals? How are you going to achieve your goals? What resources will you require? Whose support will you need? What must be done? By whom? By when? (Remember to substantiate your plans, citing relevant literature). 

Use the following layout for each of the three skills that you want to improve upon:

  • Skill Area:
  • Broad Goal:
  • SMART Goal:
  • Strategies and Action Plans (around 6 strategies per goal).

  • Developing plan to improve the 3 weaknesses

    • Skill weaknesses 1

      • Skill area
      • Broad Goal
      • Smart Goal
      • Action Plans ( Around 6 action plan per goal)

    • Skill weaknesses 2

      • Skill area
      • Broad Goal
      • Smart Goal
      • Action Plans( Around 6 action plan per goal)

    • Skill weaknesses 3

      • Skill area
      • Broad Goal
      • Smart Goal
      • Action Plans( Around 6 action plan per goal)

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Solution:  Learning Goals and Action Plans

  • Managing Stress

    • Broad Goal: To manage stress effectively when situations go wrong and unexpected, and preventing it from adversely effecting the team member and its productivity.

    • Smart Goal

      • Specific: - I am going to improve my ability to cope with stress and develop the skill of resilience by planning things well in advance so that I can manage my work and team effectively so as to generate best outcomes.
      • Measurable: I will list all the stress factors and identify how they affect my performance and relationship with my workmates.
      • Attainable: McEwan (2011, p.5) suggested making the right mindset to address daily challenges and moreover using emotional energy positively. Marinating balance between work and personal life (Robinson et. al 2015) can manage stress.
      • Realistic: I personally believe that stress is directly connected with time management. I will make a list of tasks to complete each day according to their importance and urgency, divide work in small answerable separate part, and work according to deadlines to ensure I reduce the stress.
      • Timely: I have decided to start improving this skill on immediate basis because it is affecting my day to day life and work negatively.

  • Action Pans:
  • Spending more times with family, watching movies, listing to the music.
  • Engaging socially to avoid overreaction to both internal and external factors that I perceive to be threatening. Social activities will include reaching out to a friend or family member, meeting new people, going to the movies, and taking a walk.
  • Review my stressors and prioritize them to enable focus stress management on the biggest one.
  • By doing physical activities like play sports, join a gym, cycling, daily walk (Robinson et. al 2015).
  • To maintain and improving emotional and physiological habits, by creating positive feeling and thoughts (Cryer et al 2003).
  • Express & share feeling with others, be willing to compromise with situation (Kets de Vries 2012)
  • Avoid stressors to reduce unnecessary stress by learning personal limits, limiting the amount spent with stressing people, controlling an environment that might trigger stress.
  • Changing my daily style of handling issues such a proper management of time, being able to compromise, and expressing my feelings instead of keeping these emotions inside.
  • Motivating others

    • Broad Goal: To have engaged employees that are motivated to work harder and give the best performance in their job, improving quality and efficiency of the work

    • Smart Goal:

      • Specific: I will improve my motivational skill by learning motivational techniques, by doing motivational skill assessment, reading motivational theories and try to implement in practical life so employee can work more efficiently.
      • Measurable: I will attend a human resource Management training on staff development yearly and write a summary of my new understanding of HR practices regarding employee motivation (Curi 2015)
      • Attainable: I am going to set a series of rewards that can be achieved by all employees throughout the year enabling continuous excellent performance of staff members (Curi 2015).
      • Realistic: I am going to provide continuous, immediate feedback to employees on their performance in various tasks, citing how specific actions affected the organizations goals
      • Timely:  To set up a feedback systems that will monitor and assess employees’ opinion  and concerns on a monthly basis

  • Action Plan:

    • We provide training opportunities to employees fostering knowledge and self-confidence filling any performance gap (Jim 2015).
    • Ensure employees are aware of the plans and strategies of the company and future plan of the company too. An engaged workforce understands the company’s vision and core values willing going an extra mile to contribute to it (Cari 2015).
    • Offer rewards for better performance rather than punish for failure to meet deadlines. Kets de Vries (2011) argues that punishment has a short term impact and leads to employee confrontation with management.
    • By giving reorganization for good work and arranging fun at work. When offering rewards, employee preferences will be considered for both individual and group settings (Gupta 2011).
    • To provide materials and equipment to do right work. Meet on a regular basis to monitor progress, give direction and support, and coaching. According to Cari (2015) this will help review progress and offer opportunities for improvement.
    • Provide job duties, responsibilities and job description so there should be no confusion between tasks and performance expectations.
    • To give appropriate opportunity for performance and growth
    • Always provide necessary suggestion and feedback to improve efficiency. To positively engage employees, communication should be with your employees and not to your employees (Jim 2015).
    • To help employees to achieve career goals and value their own professionalism (Gupta 2011).
    • Establish a management style that creates value and encourage employees to be successful.

  • Poor delegation of work

    • Broad Goal: To be able to assign duties to fellow team members who possess the right competencies and skills to perform it.

    • Smart Goals:

      • Specific: I will assign specific tasks instead of general tasks to enable team members understand what is required and enable measurement of performance.
      • Measurable: I will provide specific instructions on how to perform assigned tasks to be able to track and measure how team members complete them.
      • Attainable: I am going to consider a team member’s knowledge, training, skills, confidence, and resources available before assigning tasks to prevent failure and a frustrated team.
      • Realistic:  I am going to consider professional responsibility of a team member, ensuring tasks delegated are within their job description, and are done to the best interest of both the team and the organization.
      • Timely: I will create a time frame for each of the tasks assigned to avoid confusion on time of completing the tasks.

  • Action Plan:

    • To provide all the necessary resources for completing assigned tasks including teamwork and collaboration (Hayes 2011);
    • To avail myself as a project leader addressing concerns about tasks and monitoring progress;
    • To assign a contact person to manage the project on my behalf when I am unavailable by providing specific instructions to enhance collaboration and teamwork;
    • To provide creativity space by keeping off the project but only approving necessary changes;
    • Establish a non-disruptive system for receiving progress reports on assigned tasks or projects avoiding unnecessary disruption of my personal schedule;
    • Keep a personal log of all assigned tasks and the respective members who have been assigned these tasks; and
    • To give credit and praise to members who have successfully completed assigned tasks on time and on projects which are progressing well.

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