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February 11, 2019
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Question: Nursing Case Study

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Scenario 1

  1. Mrs. Paula Jones is a 68 year-old lady who was admitted to wart for a below the knee amputation due to a type 1 Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus. She has been experiencing progressive wounds in her foot for more than six months.
  2. The clinical manifestations of the long term effects of having an increased body sugar is the susceptibility to infection. The patient could develop gangrene of the foot if she does not control her diet as well as failing to comply with the advice of the physician and the nurses.
  3. The first is the attending physician, who is responsible for diagnosing the patient and will be ordering the discharge. The nurse provides assistance and administration of medication to the patient while they are still confined in the health care institution for several days.
  4. Health teaching is an important strategy so that the patient will understand and appreciate her current or present history of medical illness. It is important to let the patient know that they should comply with the advice of the physician to avoid complications of the disease.
  5. The physical impact of Paula is limitation on the range of motion due to the amputation of her foot that is brought about by the complications of her diabetes diagnosis as a chronic ailment. The psychological impact will be low-level of self-esteem because Paula has just lost her one leg due to her chronic condition of her diabetic disease.
  6. The available resources are the physical therapist that will provide physical exercise for the patient. The psychologists will offer professional help to ensure that the emotional well-being of the patient is improved. Follow up check-up is recommended so that the patient will let their newly amputated foot assessed by the attending physician on duty.

Scenario 2

  1. Shane’s condition is attributed to his present history of medical illness, which is fall, causing abrasions and injuries to all parts of his body. He is also an ex-smoker, causing him to develop a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to his lungs as well as the cardiovascular system.
  2. COPD is a condition wherein the pathway of the air into the bronchi branches of the lungs becomes obstructed. This is mainly caused by the inflammation of the walls of the bronchi as brought about by a chronic smoking activity even if it was 20 years ago.
  3. Smoking is the most blamed caused by the development of the patient with COPD. The patient was smoking at least 26 sticks a day for 46 years, damaging some parts of his lungs.
  4. To answer the question, the health care worker prioritizes the airway clearance of the patient. This is where the survival of a person is always based through the airway clearance. Anticipating the medical needs is also applied to ensure that the patient receives the right amount of treatment and care.
  5. The physical aspects are to allow the patient to sit in an upright position. The patient should be encouraged to have a mild exercise to let their circulation activated and help to improve the respiratory perfusion in the lungs. The patient should always engage in a positive environment so that his trust will be gained and they will start cooperating with the patient.
  6. The best advise as health care worker is that it is important to provide a nebulizer is important so that the patient will have a therapeutic care to alleviate any discomfort to his lungs. It is important to educate the patient that they should avoid smoking or areas that are frequented by smoke. Always go to an environment wherein there are no signs of pollutants that prevent any irritation to the lungs and other parts of the body (Vestbo, 2013).

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