Non-Profit Organisation that Implements the Marketing Concept - Marketing Assessment Answer

December 08, 2018
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Question: Non-Profit Organisation that Implements the Marketing Concept

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Marketing Assignment

Assignment Task

Activity 1

  1. Find a non-profit organisation that implements the marketing concept. What is the exhange taking place? What is the profit they seek? Do they apply the marketing concept? How can you tell?
  2. The Billabong website ( offers consumers a lot of information about the surfing, skiing and skating industries. However, little, if any, information is provided on Billabong products. Do you think that his helps Billabong to build relationships with its target customer

Activity 2

Go to Nestle's Australian web site ( Review its latest news and the Peter's brand page to identify recent new-product launches or promotional campaigns. Which segments of the market are these products/campaigns aimed at? Do you think they will be successful? Why or why not

Activity 3

If a company is interested in estimating the distribution of income in the Northern Territory or New Zealands's North Island, how could it proceed? Be specific

Activity 4

Visit three web services of fast moving consumer goods (FCMG) companies (for example Unilever and P&G). Is there evidence of a segmented approach or are they mass marketing? Rank the three companies in terms of how well they segment their market and prepare a set of recommendations on how they could segment their market further

Activity 5

Discuss how worldwide demographic trends are affecting opportunities for international marketing and which industries are set to benefits from the ageing baby boomers.

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Activity 1

The Australian Lawyers for Human Rights refers to a non-profit organization located in Australia that has implemented a marketing concept. The organization engages in an exchange whereby they offered their services to individuals who had their basic human rights violated, and were not in a position to defend themselves in a court of law (Lamb & Jahangir 2008, pp. 109). The organization applies the marketing concept by running campaigns in the public to create awareness of their human rights. The organization heavily relies on awareness and marketing to execute their duties of helping the public.

The concept used to develop the Billabong website offers a range of benefits to the company. By providing a lot of information regarding the activities that they offer, will help consumers to associate the company with the provision of these services. Therefore, this strategy helps the company to develop a good relationship with its target customers (Lydon & Burns 2010, pp. 98). Whenever customers think of these activities that are highly marketed on the company’s website, the name of the company will come up in their heads. This helps to increase the relationship that they have with the company.

Activity 2

The Nestle Company conducts promotional campaigns to increase the sales revenue for its products. These promotional campaigns were aimed at reaching the middle-aged people in the community. These are the people who make up the larger market for the products produced by the company. The product that is consumed the most is coffee. The company conducted the promotion with the intention of increasing their sales revenue. The promotion was designed to get the attention of the target group in the market. The promotional campaigns were successful for the company (Henriksen 2012, pp 104). This is evident by the fact that the company recorded an increase in the sales of the coffee products they sold under the promotional campaign (Jaffee 2012, pp. 123). Also, the success of the campaign and a large number of winners was a clear indication of the successful nature of the promotional campaign. A promotional campaign is geared towards increasing revenue streams by promoting the company’s products. This will enable the company to become more popular thereby growing further on a business level.

Activity 3

There are several reasons why companies can opt to assess a distribution of income in a country. The information developed to provide a comparison of inequality and poverty over a period. When a company is interested in estimating a distribution of income in New Zealand’s North Island, it could use the parametric method of estimation (Cirera & Masset 2010, pp. 152). This method requires one to estimate the distribution of income and estimate the poverty rates as well. The company will have to determine the estimated number of people who are living below the poverty line in the Island of New Zealand. The poverty line currently stands at one dollar per day. Anybody who spends less than this in a day is regarded to be living below the poverty line (Atkinson & Brandolini 2010, pp. 142). The company could provide an estimate of the people living in poverty in the country against the people who are living above the poverty line. These figures will then be compared to determine the distribution of income. These figures can be determined by conducting a research exercise where an investigation will be conducted.

Activity 4

Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Nivea are three companies that all sell consumer goods that are moving too fast. There is no evidence of a segmented marketing approach in the marketing strategy for these companies. All three companies conduct mass marketing campaigns. This is because their products are fast moving consumer goods. Also, they are consumed by everybody in the market, regardless of their age and gender. For this reason, it becomes difficult to segment the market about the products they are producing. Regarding market segmentation, the three companies rank in the order, Coca-Cola, Nivea, and Unilever. In a bid to further improve the market segmentation of these companies, they can consider the largest consumers of their individual products (Graffam 2010, pp. 95). Once they have determined the largest market segment, they can begin focusing on marketing the respective products to the selected market segment (Liu, Ram, Lusch & Brusco 2010, pp. 127). The companies can tailor their products to target the specific target markets for the respective market segments. Also, the market strategies should be aired on channels that are easily accessible by the target market segments.

Activity 5

One of the biggest worldwide demographic trends is the rising level of population. People make up the consumers of both goods and services that are produced by companies across the world. This demographic trend will help increase the market opportunity for the various goods and services that are produced by companies across the world (Shaw, Lancia, Conner & Rosenberry 2006, pp. 140). These trends will cause the marketing strategies to develop as well. Companies will be looking to reach a larger market group for their products. The marketing industry is set to benefit the most from these demographic trends. Marketing strategies will develop to reach a larger group of people (Prioux et al 2011, pp. 87). Also, companies will benefit from this trend because their sales will increase a great deal. This will increase the revenue sources that the company has by increasing the number of customers that the company has access to. Also, companies that offer high-speed connectivity through the internet will largely benefit from the international marketing trends.


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