MGT130 : Project Brief - Supply Chain Management Assessment

November 24, 2017
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Question: Supply Chain Management Assessment

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Supply Chain Management Assessment

Case Scenario/ Task

What is the structure of your supply chain? Draw the supply chain, including its major players and illustrate major flows. Highlight issues and/or opportunities.

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  1. What is the structure of your supply chain? Draw the supply chain, including its major players and illustrate major flows. Highlight issues and/or opportunities.

Supply chain is the process of production and distribution of the commodities. ("What is supply chain (SC)? - Definition from", 2016) 2PH farms have 1400 acres for citrus and 500 acres for table grapes. There are 50 employees in the company. The production of the fruits is done by having plentiful water supply with good location. Drip irrigation method is used to water so as to right amount of water is provided to plants. The fertilizers are put to protect them from insects. Once the plants yield fruits they are packed and sent to the logistics to deliver it to the Australian and European export market.

Fig 1: Supply chain management of 2PH farm (supply chain management for organic foods, 2014)

The major players in the supply chain management of 2PH farms are the producers which the company itself. Once the fruits are yielded they are processed and packed for the distribution. The distribution is done through supply chain and logistic association of Australia. The organisation has both lean and agile logistics framework. In lean logistics the freight charge is negotiated and only full load is shipped in order to control the cost. Here special importance is given to the efficiency. In agile logistics it is flexible and delivers the goods based on the customer demands and innovative products are produced. 2PH farms prefer lean logistics in order to reduce the wastage but also operate in agile logistics when necessary. Through logistics the goods are handed to the retailers from where the customers can buy the goods. The supply chain analysis will address the following opportunities and issues

  1. Managing the inventory will be a difficult task as there will be many boxes to handle. (Boariu & Boariu, 2015)
  2. Operating in both lean and agile logistics may sometimes pose problems and can affect on cost factors.
  3. Having agile logistics will value their customers and maintain good customer relationship.
  4. Innovative products can be produced through agile logistics.

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