Marketing - Impact of Branding On Sales - Assessment Answer

January 03, 2019
Author : Sara Lanning

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Question: Marketing Case Study

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Marketing Case Study Assignment

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Solution: Marketing Assignment

Nowadays each and every evaluation and movement of the institution, ascertain by its brand connection with clients and devotion to the claims affects customers’ satisfaction and lastly ending brand loyalty. Currently brand yield a widespread competition in separate form, functions, size and features are the important capital of most business. The best way of making brand superior is always via brand personality. Sticking characters to brand assists it making a distinct identity and then to grander desirable to the customers. Over many years cosmetic industry has been amidst the most successful retail market in Iran. Through the entrance of genuine and credible brands in the market, not only the increment of awareness of people about their hair and skin but also the competition between the outside distributor and the residential of products for acquiring the profits and share of the market. Nowadays the industry is on its evolution cycle and its market is flooded with the competitive brand. Therefore this brands has its own separate personalities which ignite interests inside the customers’ appeals.


One of the most important asset of a company is branding. Which plays a significant role in increasing the sales of the product and its profit. Brand has separate and vital roles that encompass: Different service and product, interaction with the consumer, and functioning as lawful domain which producers can invest on it. Actually brands add value that makes sentient with the target buyer group.

Product without a name is compared with a product which only its prices significant.

Several aspect are consider before branding of the product. This aspects play vital role in increasing the sale of that particular product.

Brand personality

This is a combination of separate human features related with brands. This entails demographic feature which include sex and age. Individuals’ personality is the opening starting point of the brand. Humans feel the necessity to personify the object that assist their interaction with the physical world.

All of the indirect and direct interaction and contact that the buyers has have with the brand effect view of personality traits. This kind of personality effects a lot on the sale of a specific product.

Brand loyalty

Loyalty is a criterion that assesses the tendency of the buyer to brand. Buyers who are comfortable, purchase the product regardless of the competitors’ top product characteristics, price and simple function, have comprehended the cost in the brand loyalty denotes an effective commitment by the consumers to permanent using and buying a certain type of product. Clients who are loyal to certain type of brand always tries to buy it permanently and have no intention of buying other products. Loyalty is vital idea in sales strategies.

Generally loyal customers are the assets of any organization and it out of branding that the targeted customer achieve an optimal sale.

Brand Association

Brand involvement can be offered to customers take the finest choice by having a particular item on their thoughts, in case of many choices. Association build up sentimental worth for trademarks that distinguish them from others.

Brand awareness

This refers to how a customer can distinguish and recall known from unknown brand in buying decision circumstances. This act shows the relationship between the brand and its involvement. The objective of brand equity hinge on level of attained knowledge. The advanced level of alertness are more likely to increase the sales considering the brand and its effect on buyer and purchasing judgement.


Branding of product plays a vital role in marketing a product, which is responsible of the amount of the sales. Buyers’ perception and consumer image plays an important role that strongly effect the behavior of a product in a market. Creating awareness has globally contributed to the recognition of the product which consequently assist in achieving the sales target.

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