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August 13, 2017
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Short essay on one significant event in your life story use this event to show your understanding of how the event has impacted on your Physical development or cognitive development Or psycho social development And need 2-3 academic sources as evidence , to be checked for plagiarism. Life span development .

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Psychosocial development is a phenomenon that deals with an integration of social and psychological development of an individual. As per Erikson, there are eight stages in which an individual passes through his life since infancy to adulthood(Hack, 2013).I have also observed this practically ad I have many examples to justify this. However one such example will be presented here to depict life span through psychosocial development.

Psychosocial development and my life span

To elaborate briefly on this, I would like to start from the time when I was an infant of age 7-9 months.  In this age that is 0-1 years I have started developing hopes towards my mother regarding abandonment and feeding.  After that in my early childhood years that are 1-3 years are depicted by virtues of will. At that stage I have started developing a relationship with parents and not only my mother.  The existential question was “is it okay to be me?” Then I attained preschool age that is 3-6 years and this is the period that is depicted by virtue of purpose. At this stage I have developed relationship with entire family and not only my parents.

This development continued and I attained the age of a school going individual that is 6-11 years. This is the period that is depicted by virtue of competence. At this stage I developed relationship with my neighbours and I used to ask myself a question that whether I will make it in the world of things and people. This is denoted by sports, schools, etc. This stage is often referred as industry vs. inferiority(Newman, 2013). Till now I have become an adolescent of age 12-19 years and it is denoted by fidelity. Now I have developed relationships with my peers. The major question here was to know “who I am and who I can be?”I have realised that this is the stage in psychosocial development that decided the behaviour and nature of mine.

This is the most important stage of my life span and is known as early adulthood. This is the age group of 20-30 years. It is generally denoted by Love. It can also be referred as intimacy vs. isolation (Johanna, 2016).At this stage I have developed relationships with my friends and partners. Now the question has changed and I generally ask myself “can I love?” This is the stage that made me realise so many things about psychosocial relationships. I wonder how I have changed in all these years. There was a time in my life when the only person I knew was my mother and the only person for whom I was concerned about was my mother. But now I have an entirely different world.  Psychosocial development has changed my life as well as the priorities over the period of time. I can see that I have become bold from being shy. I can see that I do not get hurt anymore and I act mature at crucial times. I can actually relate my entire life with the stages given by Erickson on Psychosocial development. I also believe that whatever psychosocial development took place in me; it is because of the ecology, natural scheme and cultural upbringing.


Psychosocial development is an integral part of an individual’s life. It helps an individual in building relationships with others in the society. The major tenant is that the conflicts in Psychosocial shall be resolved so as to achieve progress. In this way every individual has a life span dependent upon psychosocial development.

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