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December 17, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Nursing Assignment

Case Scenario1

Alois, is a 23 year old primary school teacher. Alois is a keen football player and has a sustained suspected  mid-shaft femoral fracture on the football field. You are considering whether a femoral traction splint is  necessary to use in the management of Alois for transport to the local emergency department (ED).

Case Scenario2

Farah returned home from a hospital two days after giving birth to a baby boy, Rami. Rami, is now 2 weeks  old and is a happy and healthy baby who is feeding well. Farah is receiving post-natal care from her general practitioner who talked to her at her last visit about immunization for Rami. Farah is aware that there is  quite a lot of community debate about whether to immunize or not. Farah decides she needs to know  more about the risks of immunization before she makes a final

Case Scenario3

Yani is a 31 year old arts student who suffers from recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI). Usually Yani is  prescribed a course of oral antibiotics for the treatment and prevention of her UTI. Yani has been reading  on the internet about cranberry juice being used to prevent urinary tract infections and is now considering  whether or not to include cranberry juice in her diet on a regular

Assignment Task

In adults with a fractured femur is a femoral traction splint compared to no traction splint the most  appropriate management of a patient requiring ambulance transfer to the ED.

In infants, how does being immunized against pertussis, compared with not being immunized, effect morbidity and mortality?

In adult females who suffer frequent urinary tract infections is cranberry juice compared to antibiotics more effective in preventing urinary tract infection?

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The key words used were pertussis, immunization, importance of immunization. Pertussis was the   most critical word because it was the subject of the question to be answered.  Immunization was also a key word be because the debate was based on whether the   Farah would take her kid for the immunization or not. Her decision would be based on the benefits and side effects of the immunization. All he key words were located from the asked question.

All the literature was obtained from Cinahl and Medline. Cinahl database gives indexing of the top nursing and medical literature. It also includes nursing journals and other publications from the national league for Nursing and American Nurses Association. I chose this data base because it contain literature that covers wide variety topics. Some of the topics covered include: nursing, biomedicine, health sciences, consumer health, medicine among others.  Apart from the publications, the database also allows access to health care books, nursing dissertations, some conference proceedings and book chapters. Apart from the literature contained in the database, it also gives an easy to use interface with basic and advanced search features together with references which are cited.  The use of the subject heading a enable the  data base user to  effectively look and retrieve information according to the  Medical Subject headings( MeSH)  which is fondly used by  the  National  Medicine Library.

Medline on the other hand also contain journal citations and abstracts for biomedical literature globally.   This data base is closely linked to the PubMed which also provides frees access to the database and links to full texts.  Medline is the U. S National Library of Medicine database and contains approximately 23 million references to journal articles in life sciences. Unlike the CinHal, Medline is specialized in the biomedicine. Most of the journals selected for Medline are based on the recommendation of Literature Selection Technical Review Committee an NIH charted advisory committee of external analogous to the committees that review NIH grant application.  I also preferred this data base because it can be easily accessed through PubMed. A large number of MEDLINE citations have a link to the free full articles that have been archived in PubMed Central.

I used both databases to search for literature on pertussis immunization  and   the associated benefits. Immunization help in saving the child from deadly diseases such as pertussis. This is attributed to the medical sciences advances.  It is good to note that vaccine are very safe and most effective method of pertussis prevention (Ulrich, 2014). Prior to the recommendation of the use of the vaccines they often undergo a long and    careful review by the healthcare experts. Although in most cases the vaccine might involve some form of discomfort, pain, redness and tenderness at the injection site it can’t be compared to the effect of the diseases (Heininger, 2014). When uncontrolled the disease is always accompanied with much pain, discomfort and trauma. In some cases it may even result to death.  A study done by Clark, (2014) showed that the benefits associated with disease prevention through the use of vaccines are far much greater than the possible side effects. Vaccination of the the other family members  will  not only  protect the vaccinated individuals but also  hinder the spread of the illness to other  people who cannot be vaccinated due to various  medical reasons(Weisberg, 2011).

Immunization also help in saving individual and families on time and money. Without vaccination, some of the vaccinable illness such as pertussis and polio my result to prolonged disabilities, hence leading to more incurred financial cost of the medical bills or long term disability care (Ulrich, 2014).   Proper immunization not only protect the present individual but also the future generations. Some of the vaccines have successfully illuminated many diseases that   were common death causes a few years ago. Example of such diseases is smallpox, currently there is no need of vaccination against small pox because it no longer exist. In Germany the pregnant mother no longer need to be much worried about passing the rubella virus to the new born (Donnan  et al, 2013). This hence means that continued proper vaccination might eliminate some of the present illness such as whooping cough.

There are very few side effects that have been associated with pertussis immunization. Most of the side effects are not sever and last for a small duration and the child recovers without any issues. Some of the common side effects include: redness, soreness and swelling and the injection site. Mild fevers with uneasiness might also be recoded (Zhang, 2012).

I later refined my initial search on pertussis immunization to include the immunization in Australia alone.  Also restricted the search to only include the peer reviewed journals that have been published fro he last five years. Only English   journals were used in the literature search.  Although there are several studies that have been done on the importance of immunization there is scanty information on the mortality and morbidity associated with the vaccination.  There is no literature on the associated mortality statistics.

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