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August 16, 2017
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Question: Eportfolio Assignment

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What is required?

Your ePortfolio will consist of a number of components, which should complement each other:

  • A photograph of yourself (ensure it looks professional) and personal details (eg. name, email address)
  • Reflection on Industry Analysis 
  • Reflect on the feedback you received from peers for Assignment 1 (Industry Analysis) by using

Borton’s Framework of Reflective Thinking (What? So What? Now What?), covered in lectures. o You should include a copy of your Industry Analysis submission as part of your ePortfolio, though

you will be marked on your reflection in this Assignment, not the Industry Analysis itself.

Cover Letter

  • This introduces you and sets the scene in your portfolio o You can choose to do a general cover letter, describing yourself, your skills, and the kind of

professional opportunities you are currently looking for (eg. part time work in a related field). o OR You can choose to find a current job advertisement for a graduate level position and focus your

Cover Letter towards this particular position (you should choose this option if you are in your 3rd year).


  • A resume is a concise overview of your previous work experience, education, and other qualifications or experiences from which you gained skills relevant to employment.
  • Through Mahara you should include supporting documentation (eg. scanned in copies of transcripts, certificates, other qualifications) as evidence of these achievements.

5 Year Plan

  • A template is available on Moodle to get you started on this component.
  • Identify 3-5 goals that are important for your life over the next 5 years or so. Describe these in terms of SMART goals, and consider academic, professional, personal, and skills-focussed goals. o Describe your plans (strategies and actions you will undertake over the next 5 years) to achieve these goals. Your plans should be as specific as you can make them, and be based on the knowledge of your industry gained from Assignment 1 but also evidence from other areas. For example, rather than simply stating “I want to go overseas to study at a foreign university for a semester”, instead go to visit the Study Abroad office on campus and include their suggestions for actions you can take along the way to ensure you are successful in this goal.

Book a Mentoring Interview

  • Interviews are 15 minutes long and as much as possible will be conducted with an academic or professional in your own field.

  • Your ePortfolio will be marked during this session, and you will be given feedback on your ePortfolio by your mentor during the interview itself. No written feedback will be provided through Moodle.
  • You are encouraged to use this opportunity to ask questions about your profession (for example if you aim to enter a Masters program after you complete your current degree, or want to undertake competitive internships), and seek advice on your goals and plans.

What will it look like?

Your portfolio will be presented in Mahara as a ‘Page’ or ‘Collection’, which will then be submitted to Moodle. Think of Mahara like a Facebook account – you can’t really break it, so experiment to find your way around, but be careful with the kind of information you put on Mahara until you fully understand how the privacy settings work. After you have completed your ePortfolio you should review it holistically to see that everything fits together and makes sense as a whole picture. Feel free to change the visual aspects of your portfolio such as the theme and layout.

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Personal attributes – I am an enthusiastic person with an ability to work in a team level as well as on individual level with proven results. I have an ability to adapt to different cultures very easily and work with diverse groups in an effective manner. I like to use my analytical skills to positively help people in solving their problems and providing them the best possible solution. I also possess entrepreneurial skill that helps me in dealing with adverse situations from time to time. With my multitasking attitude and positivity I can manage to perform a number of tasks at a time. My presentation and negotiation skills have always helped me in convincing people to a very great extent. Working in stressful situation in something that does not bother me and at the same time I can learn very quickly that makes me gain huge knowledge of the people and situation.

Academic Achievements – My academic achievements include an advanced diploma in Accounting from Canberra Institute of Technology. I also have an advanced diploma in business management.

Strategies to achieve compliance with xxxxxx Guidelines

I will focus on enhancing my professional skills constantly so as to look for challenging opportunities. This will further help in refining my problem solving skills and enhancing critical thinking ability. I will strive to get in touch with all the ethical norms of the institute so as to follow them religiously. I will try to improve my abilities on a constant basis by learning from external as well as internal environment. I will always consider learning as my greatest strategy to make improvements in my working and knowledge.


After completing my high school I have joined two years’ advanced diploma in business management. Once I have completed this diploma I joined Canberra Institute of Technology to pursue advanced diploma in accounting. After completing the diploma I joined Bachelor of Accounting from University of Canberra. Then I started my career as a security guard in SNP. I worked as security guard for more than 2 years. I have also worked in supermarkets for several years. Now, I aspire to get a master’s degree in Accounting.                               


Objective – To work in an organisation that provides me an opportunity to contribute in it’s functioning in such a manner so that I can utilize my skills and knowledge in an effective manner. I aim to work in direction of socio-economic development striving professional growth through innovative ideas.

Training –  Training in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Outlook with strong research and statistical (quantitative) and qualitative analysis tools for data analysis

Training in accounting work for a period of 3 months

Work Experience – 2 years of experience in SNP as a security guard

Educational qualifications-

Qualification Year University
Bachelor of Accounting June 2012 to December 2013 University of Canberra
Advanced Diploma of Accounting January 2009 to December 2011 Canberra Institute of Technology



  • An excellent team player with an ability to perform even better as an independent.
  • Ability to solve the problems of people using entrepreneurial skills
  • Competitive and multitasking boosted up with positivity
  • Successful management of diverse groups and people from different cultures
  • Ability to work creatively in stressful environment.

Personal details

Name – Shakir Ullah 

Surname-  xxxx

Sex- xxxxx

Mobile- xxxx

Email- xxxx

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Workshop –

  • In Accounting and Management
  • On security tips and guidelines

Professional development activity –

  • I have been in touch with accounting and management literature so as to maintain a proper level of knowledge. I usually refer articles, journals and other documents to remain updated with latest trends.
  • Regularly reflecting on the day-to-day learning to make the entire process worthwhile.
  • I keep in touch with my professors to get their feedback and suggestions on various important aspects of my professional development.
  • I always strive to look at the academic and professional opportunities so as to improve my career.

Critical reflection

The feedback received from peers on industry analysis suggests that there is need to focus on the exact vision of the life. As they have said that I need to distinguish between an industry and a sector and after that I shall focus on a sector. They have admired my description on my career. From the feedback I felt that I need to research more on this aspect to improve my understanding of the industry. As per the Barton’s analysis the feedback suggests that my professional skills are yet to be developed. The feedback clearly suggested that I am trying to focus on tertiary qualification whereas focusing on primary qualification is relevant to professional growth. My skills are appraised by the Peer and this gives me immense satisfaction that I have potential to make this feedback operational. Now the next step will be to use my skills to be able to research on joining a primary education course so that it will be related to my job and there will not be any problem in the future. Thus, the major answer on the basis of feedback is; what I am going to do now is to take feedback from professionals and research on the professional course that will be primary for my professional growth and. The major problem lies with professional skills but everything is good with personal skills. In this way I am going to use my personal skills to develop my professional skills.

5 year plan

Goals: The goals for next 5 years that are important for my life pertaining to my personal, professional, academic and skill-focussed goals are described here. These goals are with respect to the SMART goals. Following are the goals that I am considering for the next five years of my life:

  • To join a professional master degree course in Accounting after completing the graduation from a renowned and established university.

  • To get a job that is suitable as per my profession, so that I can utilise my knowledge and experience professional growth in life.
  • To join other value added courses that is beneficial for my profile in increasing its strength and provides me skills.
  • To get indulged in socio-economic causes so that I can play a major role in giving back to the society.

Plans to achieve the goals:

To achieve the goals described above I have several plans. These plans are described as below:

  • To join a professional master’s degree I will first undertake counselling sessions to know about the exact degree that is going to make a big change in my professional career. I will also seek feedback from my teachers and peers about the course and the expectations from that course. I will then face entrance tests and interviews of major universities to get admission there. This will help in achieving success in joining a good degree course and achieving the goal.
  • To seek a job it is very important to first accomplish the professional course, so my focus will be on gaining a practical experience in the field. I will study the market trends very carefully and then plan for a job that will help in getting an experience that makes a big change in my professional life. I will face interviews at different companies after sorting out some of the best companies to work with. Thus, to get a job I will prepare myself for it in an efficient manner.
  • I will find out the value added courses that can help me in grow and develop professionally. I will take advice from peers and superiors about the course that have potential in increasing my profile and then I will join them.
  • I finally want to do something for the society as well. I believe that giving back to the society is very important. For this I will find out what I can do in this respect and after finding out I will try to play a significant role in that.

Cover letter:

Shakir Ullah                 Date:




Phone: +

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Reg: Application for the post of xxxxxxx

I take this opportunity to introduce myself as a qualified Bachelor of accounts from University of Canberra.  I am currently working as a security guard in a supermarket as a part- time employee. I also have an experience of working with SNP and other supermarkets as well.

With reference to your vacancy I feel myself competent to apply for it. I very well understand that this task requires professional, vibrant and dynamic environment. I am sure that there will be challenging and growth oriented opportunities prevailing with the project. All these positive points inspire me to explore this opportunity with your good self.

I can very well assure you that the learning of my Bachelor’s in Accounts from University of Canberra and Advanced Diploma of Accounting from Canberra Institute of Technology that is accompanied with required skills and knowledge will prove to be very beneficial for the project. With my presentation skills and ability to adapt to cultural diversity I assure you that you will not get disappointed and I will be able to bring about a positive change in your institute. I am aspiring a long term collaboration with you and confident enough to play a productive role in dealing with day-to-day chores.

I am enclosing my Curriculum Vitae herewith for your kind perusal. I am looking forward for an opportunity to meet your good self and exploring possibilities further.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Shakir Ullah

Encl: Curriculum Vitae


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