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July 28, 2017
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Discuss the Application of William Edwards Deming’s 1st Principle of Quality Management

Task Details:

Discuss the application of William Edwards Deming’s 1st principle of quality management (i.e. create constancy of purpose toward improvement of product and service) through the use of a 21st Century industry example.

Pay attention to the abstract at the beginning of the article.

  • Purpose
  • Design/Methodology
  • Findings
  • Research Limitations
  • Originality/value

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In the 21st century, the quality of the goods and services delivered is considered as an important aspect of business management in all fields since it is observed that satisfaction of the customers can only enable an organization to gain success. As per (Brown, 2013), there are various quality management tools used by the managers such as Total Quality Management, Six-Sigma, ISO 9000 and many other. The key aim of using any of these tools is to get rid of any error and deliver top-notch quality products or services. This paper aims at examining the application of William Edwards Deming’s 1st principle of quality management through taking the examples of an industry in the 21st century. The first principle of William Edwards Deming’s quality management states that ‘create constancy of purpose towards improvement of the product and service in order to get the competitive edge and also provide jobs.’  As per this principle, the emphasis should be on replacing the short-term reaction with the long-term strategic planning in an organisation. The principle indicate that there is a dire need to analyse the pitfalls, problems, difficulties and obstacle in order to ensure these do not re-occur. Therefore, planning and allocating resources for training are needed. This can actually help an organisation to enhance their service constantly. In this, Samsung has been taken which uses Six Sigma quality management tool to enhance its global business operations.


The approach taken is to review the use of Six Sigma in the Samsung. Ideally, the six-sigma is a data-driven approach used to remove flaws or errors in any process. The process includes manufacturing to transactional and from the product to service. Samsung had been using plethora of Supply Chain Management solutions and process innovation to enhance the global business operation. However, the company management had felt in 2004 that there was a dire need to enhance the supply chain operations. Hence, the decision to combine SCM and six-sigma was taken up (Emerald Group, 2013). The company had used a methodology to integrate the six-sigma with the SCM by training the staff members to be competent to handle the supply chain. At Samsung, the six sigma projects focus on the developing the performance levels of existing systems. In this approach, the development of processes usually follows DMADOV approach in which the focus is on define, measure, analyse, design, optimise and verify. The use of six-sigma at the end actually helps in the improvement of the products of the Samsung in order to get the competitive edge and also provide jobs (Emerald Group, 2013). This is the reason that the company has been able to manufacture a diverse portfolio of products and competing with Apple Inc, which is one of the big names in the technology world.


The key emphasis is put on describing the use of six-sigma by the Samsung to enhance its products value and eliminate any defects from the supply chain management. The company’s management had thought to incorporate six-sigma in their supply chain management in order to focus on four key areas; project discipline, sustaining results, well-established HR framework and quantitative strength (Emerald Group, 2013). Due to the combination of the SCM and six-sigma, the company has been able to do innovation in its products. The application of the six-sigma in the supply chain of the company has effectively helped to justify the first principle of the William Edwards Deming. The use of quality management tool enables the organisation to get a competitive edge in the market and also provide high-quality products or services. This is the application of the first principle of William Edwards Deming.

Research Limitations

As far as future studies are concerned, there are many quality approaches and systems used for product innovation For Samsung, SCM and six-sigma are the crucial enablers for the innovation and growth of the group. Since the company had realized that there is still room for improvement in the SCM so the team has been developing a unique six-sigma approach to enhance its SCM operation. The effort undertaken by the company has proven successful as the SCM six sigma programs has helped in production of highly qualified SCM specialists (Emerald Group, 2013). These specialists are now training other members in the organization to work on leading SCM projects.


Quality management is a critical concept for the managers in order to ensure that the products or services developed by the companies are effectively able to cater to the needs of the consumers well (Bamford and Greatbanks, 2005). There have been plenty of quality management concepts studied in the past and the most popular one is William Edwards

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