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August 03, 2017
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Question:  Critical Thinking Essay Writing Assignment

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Explain the value of critical and creative thinking to tertiary study and social and scientific progress?


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Solution: Critical Thinking Essay Writing

Basaadur, Min, Mark A. Runco, and Luis A. Vegaxy. "Understanding How Creative Thinking Skills, Attitudes And Behaviours Work Together: A Causal Process Model". The Journal of Creative Behaviour 34, no. 2 (2000): 77-100.

In this article, an experiment was carried out where a big number of managers from different international organizations concerned with consumer goods manufacturing availed themselves. The experiment called for the managers to apply the simplex process of creative thinking to come up with a solution for a real management issue that was meant to test the ability of the managers to apply their creative thinking ability in real life decision making. Consequently, the paper addresses some of the interrelationships that exist among the six attitudinal as well as behavioral skill variables that were learned during the raining and how they were measured as a way of finding a solution to improving their effectiveness in decision-making. Generally, the paper tests all the variables connected to creative thinking and makes it easy for an individual to understand the idea as well as the important role played by creative thinking in decision-making. This makes it very resourceful in writing the essay.

Garrison, D.R. "Critical Thinking And Adult Education: A Conceptual Model For Developing Critical Thinking In Adult Learners". International Journal of Lifelong Education 10, no. 4 (1991): 287-303.

Critical thinking and adult education are two aspects that are supposed to go hand to hand. In adult education, it is very common to find that those who possess critical thinking skills and abilities understand issues better when compared to those who do not have this type of ability. As such, the information in this journal article brings out clearly the idea that critical thinking is associated with adult learners. The information in the journal also comes up with a model that shows how critical thinking is supposed to be impacted into adult learners for effective learning and decision making in their learning process. The approach brought forth by the journal is made up of five phases and it attempts to incorporate aspects of problem-solving as well as creative thinking. The journal also explores the role that is played by critical thinking in the adult education, and it concludes by highlighting the role that critical thinking play in adult education. Thus, the journal is important as it brings out the role of critical thinking in education thus contributing greatly towards the essay as it gives relevant information that helps in developing the essay effectively.

Gelder, Tim van. "Teaching Critical Thinking: Some Lessons From Cognitive Science". College Teaching 53, no. 1 (2005): 41-48.

Creative thinking comes from cognitive science and it is very crucial in learning different aspects of life. Because of its importance, the content of this particular journal article has been tailored to bring forth some important lessons from the field of cognitive science to teachers who teach critical thinking as their specialty. The article states categorically that the process of acquiring critical thinking expertise is a tough one and that the process of practicing thoroughly in critical-thinking skills leads to an enhancement of skills and that the transfer of skills must be practiced. The journal article also states that critical and creative thinking leads to the acquisition of new knowledge that leads to the promotion of skills in different fields. At the end of the article, the key contributions of critical thinking towards differed disciplines and aspects of life are highlighted, and this makes it important to the essay as it highlights some of the roles of critical thinking in eh field of science.

Hee Kim, Kyung. "Is Creativity Unidimensional Or Multidimensional? Analyses Of The Torrance Tests Of Creative Thinking". Creativity Research Journal 18, no. 3 (2006): 251-259.

Despite being important, creativity has brought forth a number of issues among different stakeholders and a debate has developed to find out whether creativity is one-dimensional or multidimensional. This journal article tries to come up with a consensus of whether creativity is multidimensional or not by using Torrance tests of creativity. In doing this, the paper brings out the concept of dimensionality in creativity that happens to be very crucial in the process of understanding the mind’s cognitive functioning thus aiding the development of human potential. As such, the paper brings to the reader the importance of understanding the dimensionality of creative thinking and thus makes it easy to understand the whole idea. As a result of the easy understanding brought about by the journal, it gets important to apply its content in the essay as the information provided proves to be very important in understanding the different values of creative thinking.

Kim, Kyung Hee. "Meta-Analyses of the Relationship Of Creative Achievement To Both IQ And Divergent Thinking Test Scores". The Journal of Creative Behavior 42, no. 2 (2008): 106-130.

Creative thinking is associated with better performances in scholars who posses this particular ability. Individuals with high level IQ are associated with high level creative thinking and they ought to engage themselves in tasks that are highly engaging. As a result of thee facts, this journal brings light to people who believe that testing for a person IQ and divergent thinking as important predictors of creative achievement to people who have a creative type of thinking. As such, the relationship between creative thinking and the intelligence of an individual is brought up very clearly in this article. From this, the article plays greatly contributes to the content of the essay as it provides knowledge on the impact of creative thinking to the decisions that are made by people in a tertiary education setting as well as scientists who try to bring about new ideas and new ways of doing things in a given setting.

Middleton, Howard. "Creative Thinking, Values And Design And Technology Education". International Journal of Technology and Design Education 15, no. 1 (2005): 61-71.

Over time, creative thinking has been associated with the process of design development, technology and curricular. Despite there being evidence that creative thinking is very important, there has been a great deal of uncertainty linked to the methods that need to be adopted for purposes of developing the abilities of creative thinking in design as well as in students technology. Again, issues that are linked to creative thinking have also been highlighted in this journal, which helps the reader to understand clearly the whole idea of creative thinking. Additionally, the journal explores on a number of creative thinking strategies as well as the possible applications of creative thinking in the field of science and technology. The application creative thinking in the development of technology-based curricula is also highlighted in the article thus giving the reader a good starting point in understanding the values of critical thinking. These facts make the journal very resourceful in contributing towards the essay.

Paul, Richard. "Critical Thinking: What, Why, And How". New Directions for Community Colleges 1992, no. 77 (1992): 3-24.

This article defines the element of creative thinking, why it is important, how it is important, and where it should be applied. The article brings out the aspect very clearly and makes it very clear to the reader that critical thinking is one of the best things that a person should have to make better decisions. In the conclusion of the article, it gives the importance of critical thinking to community colleges and gives a better reasoning as to why there is need to adapt the use of critical thinking in most of our colleges. Because of this, the article contributes greatly towards the content of the essay as it gives important content about critical thinking and relates it to college education. The application of critical thinking has also been highlighted in the article and this contributes towards noting the value of critical thinking in various aspects of life and more so, education.

RN, Elaine Simpson, and Mary Courtney RN. "Critical Thinking In Nursing Education: Literature Review". International Journal of Nursing Practice 8, no. 2 (2002): 89-98.

The content of the article emphasizes on the need for healthcare nurses to own critical thinking skills. Possessing critical thinking skills is very important for the nurses a as they are faced with situations that calls for informed decisions to be made without making any consultations. As such, this paper states clearly that nurses need to possess creative thinking skills for purposes of offering effective and efficient care to their clients. Through this, it gets obvious that critical thinking displays an important role in making informed decisions in various disciplines of life. In the conclusion, the journal states the importance of critical thinking in healthcare and to the field of science at large. All these facts makes the journal important in the essay as the application of critical thinking plays an important role in different forms of scientific progress as well as in social development while building the relationship between the nurses and the patients.


By definition, critical thinking has been defined as the ability of an individual to come up with clear as well as rational type of thinking of matters that these individuals think to be better suiting them . These individuals always apply the critical thinking abilities before making any statements or before engaging in decision-making processes. On the other hand, creative thinking can be defined as that particular way of viewing at problems as well as situations from a different perspective that in most cases brings about untraditional solutions to the problems being experienced by these particular individuals . To a greater degree, the process of creative thinking happens to be started and be stimulated by way of unstructured as well as structured processes. An important structured process that may initiate critical thinking is that of brainstorming while the unstructured processes may include lateral thinking.

Critical thinking as well as creative thinking happens to be very important in the process of tertiary studies, social and scientific progress . These two have important values that when used better, they contribute towards effective and efficient decisions being made by the involved parties. As such, this paper will discuss some of the values of critical and creative thinking in tertiary study, social and scientific progress.

The value of critical thinking to tertiary study, social and scientific progress

Creative thinking has its input in the above-mentioned aspects of life. First, creativity is a product of creative thinking and it can be applied to a great array of activities to the benefit of those involved. If well applied, creative thinking has very impressive implications to both tertiary studies as well as social and scientific progress. To add on the creativity that is brought about by creative thinking, it is important to understand that creative thinking opens wide doors to a whole new world of opportunities. In this, thinking creatively brings about ideas that enhance the potential of people to interact with one another through different products of creativity like through the social media platforms that have been developed over the last couple of years .

To add on this, it has been proved that, creative thinkers have high levels of optimist as they usually see the optimist side of life compared to those who lack the ability as they look at issues with a more pessimistic view. Being optimistic in nature gives people in different walks of life to view different issues with high degrees of confidence and develop solutions without any hesitance. In the case of tertiary studies, creative thinking is always very important as it brings about new ways of handling the presented issues in the best ways possible . As such, people from different walks of lives need to embrace creativity for purposes of developing better solutions to the issues that they come across while on their professional duties and responsibilities.

Important contributions of critical thinking

The application of critical thinking to various issues has proved to have some serious and important implications. Critical thinking adds value to the quality of decisions made by people in different settings and this does not exclude scholars at tertiary levels. Studies have proved that, people who think critically always understand issues better as compared to those individuals who lack the ability to think and analyze issues critically.

In the scientific field, individuals who have the ability to think critically always stand a better chance to understand the logical relationship that exists between different ideas and they have the ability to identify, construct and evaluate the arguments presented in a better way . Additionally, critical thinkers are always in a position to detect obvious mistakes as well as inconsistencies that tend to be experienced in normal reasoning. Again, the ability of critical thinkers to solve issues critically surpasses that of normal individuals as they usually have the ability to identify any of the relevant ideas that are generated during the process. They also apply the generated ideas in justifying the beliefs and the values of different individuals, which gives them better ground to make informed scientific decisions.

Critical thinking can also be applied in this field to make important milestones by bringing out new ideas and ways of doing things. This is true because, critical thinkers always come up with different ideas that help in generating new knowledge and new ways of doing things . The ideas that critical thinkers come up with are important in progressive science because when effectively applied, they have the potential to improve the existing knowledge as well as contributing greatly towards building the existing theories. The knowledge can also be applied as greatly in strengthening scientific arguments.

Over time, people have had the tendency of thinking that thinking critically affects creativity in individuals as it calls for all those involved to follow some laid down policies and rules of rationality and logic but this is not true as creativity calls for people to go beyond and break the laid down rules. Again, it has been found that critical is always compatible with any form of creativity as it gives room for the involved people to think outside the box and give them an opportunity to apply whatever they feel is beneficial to them and cannot be found in the existing approaches and theories . To add on this, critical thinking happens to be very important in the decision making process as it gives individuals an opportunity to scrutinize all the ideas presented and select the best amongst all the selected ideas for effectiveness and efficient in coming up with new ways of doing things.

On the side of social values, critical thinking is important as it offers great advantages to those who possess this ability. In this, it has been confirmed time and again that critical thinkers apply any of the presented and available information to find solutions for social issues presented to them 2. In those particular instances when useful information is not availed, critical thinkers always play an important role in finding any form of relevant information so that they use it to make informed and effective decisions. Thinking critically can also be of value in the process of improving decisions made in different job settings as well as having the potential to improve different social institutions in a given setting.

Critical thinking values to tertiary study, social and scientific progress

Possessing critical thinking abilities has its own advantages and values in tertiary study, social and scientific progress. One of the values of critical thinking is the fact that critical thinking is a realm of general thinking skill. A person’s ability to think critically and rationally happens to be very important in whatever these people select to engage in their different settings 4. For the fellows in the tertiary studies as well as those who are involved in scientific research, critical thinking plays an important roe as these people need it to make effective and informed decisions. The value of this is that, these people need to have a clear understanding of the presented issues for purposes of making systematic decisions that are aimed at achieving the set targets of the different projects that they are involved in.

Additionally, the ability to think critically is very important in the emerging knowledge economy. Information technology is one of the key driving forces behind the global knowledge economy 3. Thinking critically also helps those who have the ability to adapt to changes quickly and in an effective manner. Currently, the new economy has placed led to an increased demand on the very much flexible intellectual skills and this gives the individuals with critical thinking ability a better chance to make informed analysis of the provided information so that they come up with well informed decisions 5. Those required by the economy need to be in apposition to effectively integrate different knowledge sources in the process of solving all the problems presented to them. This makes it important to have critical thinking abilities as it greatly promotes the type of thinking required by people working in the economy sector and makes it easy for those already in the system to be able to make fast-changes in their working places 1.

Again, critical thinking has great value in the whole process of developing language and different presentation skills in both the social and the scientific setting as well as in tertiary studies. In social progress, thinking critically is important as helps a person to think in a systematic as well as in a clear way thus making them to improve their social abilities to communicate effectively and pass important messages from one individual to the other. In tertiary studies, critical thinking is of great value as it gives those involved a standing ground from where they can make effective academic arguments as well as working towards improving their comprehension abilities which contributes greatly towards improving their social lives and progress 6.

Technologically, critical thinking greatly promotes and improves creativity among different scholars. Being a critical thinker is important as it helps people to come up with new ideas that maybe transformed to a project thus leading to new technologies being brought forth. Being a critical thinker is important and has great value as it enables people to come up with creative solutions to most of the problems that are presented to them 4. The whole process of making an evaluation of the presented new ideas is well done by critical thinkers as they have the ability to critically analyze issues as per the presented details thus being in a better position to modify any of the presented ideas to fit the situation from which they were made to achieve. The result for this is advancement in science as these individuals bring new ideas to the market thus contributing towards scientific progress 5.

The process of self-reflection also relies heavily on critical thinking. When people in the society have the desire to live their lives fully, there has always been an urge of justifying and reflecting on the kind of lives that they lead as well as most of the decisions that given their activities 7. Therefore, critical thinking comes up with highly important tools that are effective in the process of evaluating an individual and this leads to the involved people improving on the social interactions and changing their ways to fit in the society within which they live.

Additionally, critical thinking acts as a pillar for the foundation of science and democracy in a given setting. Critical thinking is important in the process of experimenting and making reasonable decisions that ultimately leads to confirming the existing theories in the society 8. Again, for effectiveness in the social life of a given society, critical thinking is required by the citizens for purposes of making informed decisions thus contributing towards harmony in the society with less conflict being experienced in that particular community.

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