Design Thinking & Digital Innovation Assessment Answers

December 14, 2017
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Question: Design Thinking & Digital Innovation

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Design Thinking & Digital Innovation Assignment


Working in a pair, you will use design thinking techniques to create a digital innovation that enhances the life experience of older people ('life experts'). You will then pitch your idea to a panel of potential investors.

To empathise, you can begin by applying one or more of the design thinking empathising techniques to relevant stakeholders, including any life experts that you know personally or to anyone involved in an industry relevant to the ageing sector. In Week 6 (during the lecture on Friday, April 8th) you will have the opportunity to discuss ageing with a panel of experts. Prior to the lecture, students will propose questions to be asked of the panel. All questions will be considered and prioritised before the session and moderators will pose appropriate questions to the panel. There will also be an opportunity for students to pose further questions during the panel as time permits.

Based on your empathising, use one or more problem definition techniques to define a specific problem. The problem you decide to focus on may represent an opportunity relevant to a specific sector related to ageing.

The next step is to ideate to develop a range of ideas that address the problem. You will then choose 'the best' ideation to move forwards with - carefully justifying your choice. Your best idea will be prototyped and tested in an iterative fashion.

Finally, you will prepare a pitch to present your work to a panel of potential investors.

You will give your pitch during your workshop class in week 12 or 13 or during the lecture in week 12 for internal students (you'll be informed of the schedule during workshop classes) - external students will present their pitches in week 12 and 13 in the virtual classroom.

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The aim of this assessment is to conduct a review of the biography of Gabe Newell, the co-founder of Valve, a video game development company and digital distributor, and Reed Hastings, the co-founder of Netflix, which is an entertainment distribution company.

Discussing the characteristics of Reed Hastings, we get to know that this innovator is social and outgoing who likes to be a part of more than one business venture or contribute in some other field of work besides his own. He founded Netflix in 1997, served at the board of Microsoft from 2007 to 2012 and since 2011 he has been the director of board of Facebook (Facebook Names Reed Hastings to Its Board of Directors 2011). He was also the President of State Board of Education in 2001 of California. He has been actively involved in various other activities, for example, TechNet, promotion of Charter schools etc. His active involvement in so many other fields makes him popular and more connected with the people as well as his customers, which brings him and thereby his company into spotlight. This generates profit for the company. The fact of Reed Hastings is that he is very stress bearable. Even after he lost his first start-up company, Pure Software (Later Pure Atria), and making some wrong decisions in his present company Netflix, he did not lose hope of self-confidence, which is why he made a comeback with such a good business idea.

Gabe Newell, in comparison to Reed Hastings, has struggled to be social and get accustomed with the public, as he continues to learn from his customers in order to roll with the conventions of connecting with the customers (Newell 2014). If he does this, it can generate a lot of profit and name for Valve. Open criticism of other products of different companies is another characteristic of Newell, as he has been seen criticising Xbox Live, Windows 8 etc (Fahey 2010). Instead of making statements about his products and companies, he makes remarks about others, which is somewhat not desirable and expected.

Differentiating between the career of Gabe Newell and Reed Hastings, it is clear that Gabe Newell co-founded and developed a video game development company. Reed Hastings on the other hand co-founded Netflix, which is an entertainment distribution company. This is the difference between the companies they have started and developed. Before setting up his start-up, Newell had worked for Microsoft for thirteen years and developed Windows versions. After leaving Microsoft, he started his own company, and since then he has been working for the same only and has not been involved in anything else. Reed Hastings, before Netflix, had his company Pure Software, which due to his lack of business management skills and thinking closed down. Another focus of Reed Hastings career is the reform of schools of California and promotion and development of charter schools, because of which he has gained criticism and appreciation as well (RAISS 2000).

Reed Hastings was from an engineering background and knew almost nothing about business management, which is why when his company Pure Software grew big; he was not able to handle it in an expected way. However, after he lost Pure Atria, he did not leave the field of business and continued to be part of other business ventures and interests. He learnt from his mistakes of his first start-up and the ones he made during development of Netflix to make it better. He believes in philanthropy and betterment of education of the children. Hastings has a versatile personality. He connects with the people and stays involved in many things which gets to the advantage of his company, as his company gets publicised and advertised which gets more customers and thereby more profit.

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