Critical Discussion of the key Corporate Social Responsibility issues facing Organisation - Case Study Assessment Answers

December 14, 2017
Author : Julia Miles

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Description of the task:

For this assessment, you will prepare a report that examines how an organisation can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations system(s) that produce its products (goods and services).

You have a choice. You can either:

  1. Base your assignment on the case study included with this document.


  1. Base your assignment on an actual organisation that you, either currently work for, have worked for, orare familiar with. If you intend to choose this option, then you should discuss the basis of your choice with your tutor or the Unit Coordinator.

Steps in the process: (A more extensive guide can be found in the Assessment folder)

  1. Identify and evaluate issues/problems with the current operations using theory/ies covered in topics 1-6
  2. Provide a critical discussion of the key Corporate Social Responsibility issues facing your selectedorganisation. Address these CSR issues in your improved operations system(s).
  3. Based on your research and analysis, prepare recommendations (3 or 4) on how your selected organisationcan improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations systems that produce its products andservices.
  4. Prepare a report on your analysis and recommendations.
  5. Submit your report to BlackboardSafe Assign

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For businesses to stay competitive in the phase of the competition, they need to have a well-established operations management system. The hospitality industry, especially hotels, is a competitive one. For this reason, Telek Benoe Hotel needs to implement new policies and methods to boost its operational efficiency. Its online presence is a gateway and foundation for its growth and the more need for practical operational effectiveness. Telek Benoe Hotel risks getting faced out of business if it does not improve efficiency in its operations. The hotels that invest in operational efficiency will remain competitive at the expense of Telek Benoe Hotel.

CSR problems facing improved Operations Systems.

  • Information access through network and collaboration

Despite the weak operations at the Telek Benoe Hotel, there is room for improvement in its operations so that it serves its customers better. Moore (2012), discussed different strategies that can promote the hotel’s ability to satisfy customers, reduce operations costs, remain competitive and increase its efficiency in operations. Moore (2012) further states that employees need a secure and consistent access to information that concerns their points and stations of work as discussed by For instance, when Peter and Wendy arrived at the hotel, the duty officer should have been aware that some guests were on their way. That way, they could not have wasted time upon arriving at the hotel. The hotel shuttle bus staff was also not aware of the arrival of these two. For this reason, it delayed in picking them. Again, Peter used cash to pay for their meal at the hotel, yet the bill appeared again on their hotel bill. The member of staff who added this expense to the bill needed information about Peter’s previous pay. The lack of information caused disappointment and lack of customer satisfaction for Peter and Wendy.

Telek Benoe Hotel needs a network that is quick, secure, reliable and responsive for the staff to access real-time customer information. Such a system will give the staff members at Telek Benoe Hotel high agility because of the secured access to information. It will also offer confidence to the employees knowing that they can search the internet for external information. For instance, none of the employees could give proper directions to the couple when they wanted to take a look around. With the access to reliable internet, the employees could search the geographical location and offer accurate information to Peter. The access to information could also reduce the need for Peter to fill several forms that collected related data. They could instead fill these forms online within a short time. Access to information could also help the attendants to understand the state of the room in which the couple was to stay for proper arrangements and preparations, hence satisfying their customers, Peter and Wendy.

Telek Benoe Hotel needs an efficient process between partners and other stakeholders. For instance, the hotel should have arranged for transfer services with the shuttle company so that Peter and Wendy did not have to walk one hundred meters. Again, the shuttle could have picked and dropped them in time and in a comfortable manner. The complaints that the two aired indicate that the transfer services were not the best. Telek Benoe Hotel needs to adjust on this for it to operate more efficiently to satisfy customer needs. Successful businesses have adequate and secure processes that define their relationships with partners. In this regard, Gomes et al. (2007) argue that the integration makes it easier for stakeholders to take part in ensuring customer satisfaction and cost reduction. They should operate in a network infrastructure that allows them to share information as well. Telek Benoe Hotel probably needs to partner with another shuttle company to transfer their customers between the airport and the hotel. The partnership should be in such a way that the customers from other hotels do not have to wait for the same shuttle just likes Wendy and Peter were forced to do. It promotes customer satisfaction due to the comfort, security and convenience it brings.

Telek Benoe Hotel needs an operations system that is easy to collaborate so that it turns out practical. Stakeholders such as partners, employees, customers and suppliers should have a medium of efficient collaboration. Collaboration, as described by Ku (2014) fosters efficiency while reducing operations costs. The hotel should invest in an integrated system of video, voice, calendaring and video conferencing among other ways of collaborating. It implies that Telek Benoe Hotel should invest in technology that promotes these communication systems to make the integration seamless and easy to apply. There would be less commission during service delivery at the hotel if they had a collaborative system. The system could have informed all the concerned that the hotel expected guests. These members of staff could make all the necessary arrangements such as those required at the check in and serve Wendy and Peter better for increased customer satisfaction. It is impossible for Telek Benoe Hotel to maintain customer loyalty with the kind of treatment that it offers to customers. Therefore, improving collaboration will help to satisfy customers so that they keep visiting the hotel.

  • Reporting system and streamlined communication system

The need for Telek Benoe Hotel to improve its operational effectiveness is evident. The hotel needs to have a reporting system that helps the officers on duty to understand what took place in their absence. Similarly, the company should provide necessary empowerment to employees so that they can carry their phones while on the move. When an officer is not on duty, there still needs to be a way to reach them. Missing of calls generates various business challenges. The staff members should also be ready to cooperate and give the information requested of them to reduce operational inefficiencies such as reaching absent employees, delayed projects, like hotel preparations, lost revenue and missing valuable business opportunities. For instance, the officer on duty should have communicated with the one who was previously on an obligation to arrange better for Peter and Wendy. Employees should also be in a position to communicate with the superiors and managers to improve weak operations. Technology, such as IP communication could be an added advantage because the workforce will have one number that works simultaneously on multiple devices (Moore 2012). Not only does it increase the probability of reaching staff on first try, but also enables them to control their communication systems remotely. Possibly, if Telek Benoe Hotel had a phone system, none of the adverse events could have occurred to Wendy and Peter. Employees can check their emails, voicemail and other communication using one inbox and avoid disappointing their customers like it happened to the couple in question.

For Telek Benoe Hotel to increase its operational effectiveness there is need to streamline their communication with their clients. This enables the hotel employees to efficiently interact with their clients in a knowledgeable manner so that they stay satisfied. An example of ensuring this is by connecting IP communications to the customer relationship management system as discussed by Torres & Kline (2013). It means that one way of promoting operational effectiveness is by having a client relationship management system. CRM enhances communication between the customers and the company. If Telek Benoe Hotel had one, there would be no miscommunication between the visiting couple and the hotel. Similarly, CRM could ensure that the visitors understood all the terms and conditions of the hotel. For instance, Peter could know that Telek Benoe Hotel services required them to pay cash and not use their credit cards.

Recommended areas of interest for improvement of Operations Systems

The organization can apply different aspects in improving operations system to enhance customer experience see appendix A.

  • CRM, IT outsourcing and long-term technology

The relationship management ensures that once a customer calls in, a pop-app appears on the staff’s IP phone or computer, showing the contact record for the client. This is best for repeat customers. However, new customers can still benefit from this system because they have a guarantee of information access. Before answering the call, the employee already has access to the visitor’s information. If a new customer calls in, Telek Benoe Hotel staff member will record their information and when they arrive, they will not have to fill forms before check-in like Wendy and Peter had to do. The entire process becomes easy and fast and employee satisfaction is assured. Employee absence can be detrimental to the operations of a business. These include managers and the CEO. Therefore, whenever possible, Telek Benoe Hotel should limit unproductive and unnecessary travel time because it can result in operational inefficiency. For instance, the CEO was absent at the time Peter and Wendy visited the hotel. Probably, his presence would have made a difference in the treatment that the two received. IP communication can offer Telek Benoe Hotel a solution to operational issues. It provides media conferencing and can provide the managers and CEOs the need to travel for meetings and training outside their workstations. The time that the executives save from travelling can apply in more productive pursuits hence saving money and increasing operational effectiveness.

Having an information communications system can be expensive and tasking for Telek Benoe Hotel. Instead, the hotel can outsource its information technology operations. A service provider can work on ensuring efficient and always available information system. It will save the hotel a lot especially on hardware and software as they do not need to purchase expensive add-ons. Since the outsourced company has the skills and expertise required to operate an efficient system, Telek Benoe Hotel is assured of a smooth-running operation throughout the year. Outsourcing empowers employees to stay focused on their assigned roles and activities (Ku 2014). For instance, the officer on duty does not have to worry about a slow internet connection provided the provider is available. Therefore, there is a high confidence among employees because they achieve their targets with ease. Employees will stay productive and Telek Benoe Hotel will remain competitive.

Outsourcing IT operations at the Telek Benoe Hotel enhance customer satisfaction and boosts operational efficiency and business competitiveness. According to Ku (2014), it ensures that hotel staff members do not get overloaded with work hence masking it difficult to interact with customers in a friendly manner. An advantage that outsourcing might bring is employee satisfaction and retention. When the internet connection at Telek Benoe Hotel was down, customers were frustrated and so were the employees. The employees could also feel frustrated because their work goes slowly due to inefficiency of provided tools and equipment at the hotel. It is possible to reciprocate the same frustration on customers by offering poor services. With time the hotel loses clients and employees due to lost confidence. Therefore, by satisfying employees, Telek Benoe Hotel can boost employee and customer satisfaction hence increasing its operational effectiveness. It will go a long way in helping Telek Benoe Hotel to retain its valued employees and clients. A system that encourages motivates and rewards employees will promote operations effectiveness at the hotel.

A long-term technology arrangement can improve operational efficiency at the Telek Benoe Hotel. In connection, Bilgihan, et al (2011) advice that replacing a faulty or obsolete piece of hardware can disrupt employees leading to reduced productivity. Instead, the hotel should have a long-term plan of technology supply that ensures continued support. Telek Benoe Hotel can get technology that supports its business solutions for a long term to reduce such employee disruptions. On a yearly basis, the stakeholders at the hotel should evaluate whether the existing technology solutions can serve the employees on a long term. The technology plan should, therefore support the business needs with a feedback system that notifies the employees or the service provider of any hardware or software that is about to get outdated. Updated technology ensures that employees produce to the best of their abilities hence increased productivity at the hotel. Such a system would have made sure that the Telek Benoe Hotel’s internet system was up and running. That way, Wendy would access the internet in the room and experience customer satisfaction.

  • Employee and customer satisfaction

Establishing employee accountability at the Telek Benoe Hotel would help promote productivity. Every staff member should understand their duties and perform them efficiently. In connection, the hotel can have a system that monitors employee accountability. Torres & Kline (2013) believe that it ensures that employees understand their roles in the hotel. They should, therefore, be accountable for their actions and decisions. For instance, had the hotel installed such a program, the managers could hold the staff responsible for cleaning the bathroom in Peter and Wendy’s room. Again, the staff members responsible for preparing visitors rooms could have done their job. Maintaining accountability at the hotel would ensure that every employee thinks about the consequences of their actions hence doing a perfect job. Peter and Wendy would enjoy their holiday without frustrations and unnecessary disappointments. Telek Benoe Hotel requires a follow-up system. The hotel should set target for employees to achieve alongside performing all their duties. The hotel needs to understand the efforts that employees put into reaching a milestone, however, simple. The follow-up system becomes complete if employees get incentives and rewards for a job well-done. Making a follow-up keeps them on the right track and empowers them to ensure consistency when dealing with customers. It eventually promotes customer satisfaction because each employee understands their contribution to the hotel. Had the employees at Telek Benoe Hotel been accountable for all their actions through a follow-up system, none of the negative experiences could have befallen Peter and Wendy. Unless the hotel changes its operations, it will lose its productivity and competition in the industry.

  • Poor management

Bad management could be a reason that Telek Benoe Hotel treated their visitors in such a poor manner. The hotel management needs to manage its workforce, ensuring that all employees perform their duties without fail. For instance, the officer at the check-in failed in their job because the couple had to wait over an hour. It was also wrong for them to sleep in the wrong room on their first night and a faulty one the following day. According to Santa, et al (2009), there is need for the spirit of teamwork in the hotel so that employees pool available resources for the satisfaction of their customers.


From the case study, it is evident that Telek Benoe Hotel lacks operational efficiency. The shuttle delayed picking them on arrival at the airport because it served other hotels. When they got to the hotel, their room was not ready and they had to sleep in an unkempt one. The room they occupied the following day was also unclean. The hotel also took a lot of time before allowing them and the duty manager postponed their check-in because the reception staffs were not on duty at the time. The internet connection in the room was faulty and they had to fill many forms in the hotel. It is evident that Telek Benoe Hotel requires a set of strategies to increase its operational effectiveness. They can achieve this by having a strong reliable network, an effective collaboration between its partners and stakeholders. Other strategies include a reporting system, an IP communication and a streamlined communication with employees through customer relationship management. Reduced travels, outsourcing IT and a long-term technology plan will also ensure that Telek Benoe Hotel increases operational effectiveness. The management needs to invest in these strategies to improve customer and employee satisfaction and reduce costs which eventually result to operational effectiveness in the hotel.

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