CMN276: Social Media - Understanding Digital Branding - Blogging - Assessment Answer

March 05, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Social Media - Blogging Assignment

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Social Media - Blogging

Social Media - Blogging

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Understanding Digital Branding

Digital Branding takes various forms when implemented. Businesses need this branding to ensure that their businesses are known on the public market. It is estimated that the social media platforms host around 60% of the world’s population. This means that a majority of the people in the world uses the various social media platforms that exist. Digital branding requires that businesses market their products on the internet. The use of the internet is becoming increasingly popular over the recent years. Aside from the social media platforms, businesses can promote their brand through online advertisements. These advertisements are inserted in social media platforms and other websites. The traffic of internet users is what determines the price tag of the marketing services (Derakhshani 2014, pp. 109). Technology allows businesses to promote their brand electronically through the use of the internet. Businesses can select the specific websites or groups where their target consumers often visit. By placing advertisements in these online platforms, businesses can build a brand for their products.

A new method of using social media to market a business brand has emerged over the recent years. Businesses are now turning towards creating brand ambassadors from the general public. Brand ambassadors involve the process by which businesses create online banners and distribute them to the brand ambassadors. These banners have specific links embedded in them (Ouellette 2012, pp. 126). The brand ambassadors are then required to promote and share the online banners as much as they can. The most popular platform is the use of the internet and the social media. This will ensure that the advertisements reach a large group of people. Every customer who clicks on that link and commits to buying something from the company will secure some amount of commission for the brand ambassador who posted the link. This procedure enables businesses to create a brand for themselves through the social media platforms. People view this as a means of earning some extra income on the side. To become a brand ambassador, one needs to register on the company website. This will create an account from where they can download their customized banners.

Businesses often view this strategy to be cheaper than actively paying for advertisement space on the same social media platforms or through other websites across the internet. The process will create a digital footprint across the internet, which will work for the business (Schneider 2012, pp. 106). This will ensure that the business increases its sales opportunities, thereby generating more revenue for the company. When digital branding is done in the right manner, a business will generate a big digital footprint on the online market. As the level of technology continues to grow, the number of internet users increases as well. More people now have access to the internet, which makes them potential viewers in the digital branding being undertaken by the various businesses (Bird & LaBelle 2010, pp. 98). Digital branding will increase the number of people who are aware of the company and its objectives. The idea of digital branding is to ensure that the name of the company is on the lips of every individual using the Internet.

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