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December 06, 2017
Author : Charles Hill

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Question: Business Writing Critical Review

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Business Writing Critical Review Assignment



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The use of marketing strategies is usually target-oriented. In most of the cases, they are found associated with the present marketing scenario and the economic stability. Companies are always liable to improve their marketing strategies extensively in order to expand their reach to the maximum amount people worldwide. This study has tried to undergo this issue with argumentative notes of two major articles, such as “Seeking attention: an investigation of salesperson influence strategies used while selling to small retailers” by Nanarpuzha and Noronha and “How Certainty Transforms Persuasion” by Tormala and Rucker. The diverse areas of sales enhancement have been described broadly in this study, where different avenues have been discussed analytically. This study has engaged the comments and perceptions of both the articles and supported them with the other authors. This study has tried to focus on the ideas of both the articles, whether it is the evolution of sales or the certainty issue. This study has found several gaps between these two literatures; however, it has recommended the best extracts from them. This study has recommended the best solutions for the sales, which are appropriate for the present era of market.

Key Arguments of the Authors

The expansion of a business is usually dependent on the market growth within any economic structure. It is a playfield for the marketers, where the consumers are recognised as the indicators of success. Tormala and Rucker have found the certainty as the key factor of success for a business within any growth market structure. They have aimed at improving the business strategies through enhancing the certainty of the business. According to them, most of the consumer groups around the world are usually certain to their beliefs, while selecting their buying behaviours. They have also highlighted on the buying behaviours of the consumers extensively in their article ‘How Certainty Transforms Persuasion’. This article contains elaborated explanation on the certainty of the business, defining it as the major criteria of growth for any business. With the support of Autry et al. (2013, p.172), they have also indicated at the certainty of the mass beliefs regardless of their objective correctness.

According to Autry et al. (2013, p.171), Certainty is the confidence people perceive in their beliefs that include the sense of something feels right. It leads them to set their buying behaviours. However, in the words of Boyle et al. (2002, p. p.468), Certainty is a process that is grown with a certain period for any business. Through a purely subjective perception, certainty is usually measured empirically. Tormala and Rucker have described it as a direct approach of a business; however, it is subjected to be asked after a definite interval. The approach of certainty is initiated over a strong foundation of a business, providing with a reliable gauge. Nanarpuzha and Noronha have also indicated at the same issue. However, their approach towards this is more categorical and descriptive at the same time.

Nanarpuzha and Noronha have emphasised on the influence strategies of a business more than any other key factors. They have elaborated the benefits of the influence strategies broadly in their article “Seeking attention: an investigation of salesperson influence strategies used while selling to small retailers”. They have found more reliability on the influence strategies of a business to set a level of certainty within a growth market. They have considered the influence strategies as one of the integral components of the business. With the supportive words of Gilliam and Flaherty (2015, p.137), they have entitled it as the best weapon for the salesperson to convince both the retailers and the consumers as well. However, the factor of certainty and influence strategies are closely related to each other, as explained in both the articles.

Differences in the Arguments of the Authors

Tormala and Rucker have considered several challenges in the certainty process that affect the growth of a business. As per their opinion, the likeness of the people in buying process, irresponsible for the recommendation. People, who are likely to buy, buy sooner, or spend more on products usually play the major role in the recommendation process. According to them, the expansion of the recommendation leads a business to reach the level of certainty. It is also believed to be more appropriate for the business growth through resisting the challenges to their beliefs. With the supportive words of Gilliam and Flaherty (2015, p.139), Tormala and Rucker have addressed the power of certainty as the most specific tool of persuasion.

Nanarpuzhaa and Noronha have argued to this idea extensively. As per their words of Plouffe and Barclay (2007, p.538), the power of certainty is often overlooked by the marketers, when it comes to enhance the process of persuasion. They have focused more on the buyer-seller communication process as the major tool of enhancing certainty in business. Nanarpuzha and Noronha have also addressed the benefits of selling products through enhancing the distribution process largely. The distribution processes are liable to reach the products to the maximum number of people both directly and indirectly. However, as argued by Tormala and Rucker, the sales improvement through distribution is subjected to be reached the saturation point at a certain point of time. They have addressed the entire process as a negative tool, as it often switches the focus of sales from one point to another. Tormala and Rucker have mentioned about the negative impacts of sales through the enhancement of distribution extensively. With the supportive words of Plouffe and Barclay (2007, p.533), they have stated that the extensive emphasis on the distribution process may lead the sales rate to a saturation point. As a result, it increases the chances of same-store sales extensively, which is harmful to any business to reach the maximum consumers.

Nanarpuzha and Noronha have recommended the buyer-seller communication for the business development more than any other tools of sales. They have highlighted on both interpersonal and intrapersonal communication process, as the most effective enhancer of the sales. They have also recommended the use of social media to communicate with the target customers more intimately. However, Tormala and Rucker have declined it argumentatively. They have focused on the balancing method between communicative relationship and distribution process in order to extract the maximum sales benefits from the new era of markets.


Tormala and Rucker have mentioned of four levers of increasing the certainty process in their article. They have found all these levers to be the best solutions for a business to sustain in a growth market. The four levers of solution are Consensus, Repetition, Ease, and Defense respectively. According to Baldauf and Lee (2011, p.213), combining all the levers of solution accordingly are liable to enhance the degree of certainty of a business. However, they are recommended to be used timely and with respect to the present business scenario. The marketers are recommended to be more precise about using the levers, while targeting the approach of certainty. As per the opinions of Tormala and Rucker, companies are recommended to apply the certainty principles systematically. Nanarpuzha and Noronha have addressed the evolution of theory as the best model for any business to get success in a shorter while. With the progress of time, the management structures of the companies are more liable to associate their evolution models as per the present needs. They are also recommended to follow the present literature for improvising their current state of business.

As discussed by Tormala and Rucker, injecting new models and practices are often believed to be increasing uncertainty of persuasiveness. The uncertainty of persuasiveness is often caused by the ambiguous messages, which sometimes play more engaging role than the crystal clear messages. It is believed to be enhancing the sparkling curiosity among the consumers, which are potentially engaging. However, uncertainty is also recommended to be used selectively and with prior caution. Nanarpuzha and Noronha have discussed the idea of persuasion through some other ways, which are equally relevant for the modern era of business. They have highlighted all the three factors, such as sales, marketing, and channels literature to be influencing the idea of persuasiveness. It is recommended to the marketers to focus on the power of influence strategies and informational benefits in order to involve more consumers with the business.


This study has broadly covered the discussed area of two major articles, authored by Tormala and Rucker and also the one by Nanarpuzha and Noronha in order to recommend the present management roles in modern growth markets. This study has focused on the argumentative studies of the authors along with a detailed discussion on the same notes. The ideation of distribution with an argumentative discourse of influence strategies have been presented in this study extensively. The study has also discussed about the roles of the sales in today’s marketing growth structure along with the possible benefits and threats. The study has concluded with a certain amount of recommendation for the marketers.

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