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    SELC Career College Australia Early Childhood Education and Care assessment Help

    In the assessments given to students wherein they have to answer questions in an open book task, we help them in a complete and professional way. The questions solved by us in this context are:

    1. Describe the National Legislative Framework that underpins the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care
    2. What is the legislation for your state that covers the protection of children
    3. Legislations that an Educator should be aware of and common legal issues that are expected to be encountered
    4. Policies and procedures required under Education and Care Services regulations
    5. Difference between a legal and an ethical problem
    6. Code of ethics and how it protects the right of children
    7. Duty of care
    8. Types of abuses-psychological, psychical, sexual
    9. Types of neglect-physical, emotional and educational
    10. Impact of child being at risk of harm
    11. Ethical considerations to be kept in mind while making a notification

    Also other related questions like child protection agency process in the state, rights that children have under the principles of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children, role of child pedagogy in developing children’s knowledge, etc. Based on Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia questions are answered by our experts.

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