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    MBA503 & MKT501 A3 Marketing Plan Charles Sturt University Report Writing Help

    Developing a marketing plan is given as an assignment topic for marketing students. They have to develop a concise Marketing Plan for a new product or service of any organization that might launch. The plan is aimed at key decision makers. At My Assignment Services, students can get secured assignment data written by academic experts on this topic. Their research and content is of top quality as they have prepared many assessments on preparing marketing plans and hold high degrees in their marketing career. An executive summary which presents a brief overview of the proposed plan is prepared. The current market situation is analyzed regarding the data on product, competition, etc. Further a SWOT and issue analysis is done of the product line. The financial plans and marketing goals are identified by our expert researchers. The marketing strategy which presents a broad marketing approach that will be used to meet the plan’s objective is formulated. The action plans are defined and forecasts about the proposed marketing plans expected financial outcomes are made. The control measures on how the plan will be implemented are prepared by our writers chosen for the subject.

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    As we have hired marketing assignment writers who are capable of writing from scratch on any organization, their written reports are of high quality and reliable. The topics included in the marketing plan are market analysis, the size, value, growth, structure, critical success factors of the market. The marketing environment, competition factors, customers and segments are analysed. Further an internal analysis on core competencies and capabilities is done. The positioning strategy, product level, product mix, product line, individual product decisions, price, place, placement, distribution physical evidences, process, people, communication plans, contingency plans, etc are all included in the research done. The report includes a brief internal marketing action plan, risk matrix and how the plan will be evaluated. This Marketing Plan is presented as a traditional well sign-posted report or in a format that suits the specific organisational context. All the questions mentioned in the assignment details like organisation goals, target market, SMART goals, risk evaluation, etc are properly addressed. The plan format, research and referencing presented in the writings are appropriate for the challenge.

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    Academic writers at My Assignment Services are expert in meeting tight deadlines given by the clients. Apart from possessing excellent knowledge about their relevant field, they have excellent writing and editing skills. Providing customized assignments is one of our key features. We provide only high quality work and inspite of it our charges are affordable. The content written by our expert is 0% plagiarism free. The paper is formulated accurately and students have the opportunity to get unlimited revisions done until they are satisfied with the final assignment delivered. Delivering the assignment on time is our prime responsibility.

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