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    HA3032 – Auditing Holmes Institute Case Study Help

    Our writing services have been famous among students of Australia. We fulfill all academic writing needs of students globally. One of the many services provided by us is solving case studies given to students. At Holmes Institute, students are give an individual assignment based on case study of HIH Insurance. It is a case study of CE Health International. This company was formed by Ray Williams and Michael Payne. Due to a merger between CE Heath and Winterthur Insurance Company in 1995, the company HIH Winterthur was established. The company’s name was changed to HIH Insurance Limited in 1998. The case highlights that the company experienced losses and collapsed due to its exposure to high-risk areas. Mr Williams had to face criminal charges and was sentenced to jail for four and a half years. Furthermore, criminal prosecutions were charged on nine former senior executives. In this case, students are told to discuss the legal liability and ethical standards of the persons involved in the case. We have been helping students in solving these types of case studies since they face difficulty in understanding and interpreting complex cases. We have case study experts from many educational backgrounds who can solve them with accuracy and expertise.

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    Our experts solve all the questions of the case. In this particular case, students have to make discussions about analyzing legal concepts which are related to the HIH and its collapse. Conditions which need to exist for upheld negligence action are analyzed. Another question of the case study is based on Ethics wherein questions like why HIH wanted to recruit prior members of its external audit team of employees? The pros of having the same firm to provide auditing and consulting services are identified. Students have to indicate whether these foreseen circumstances violate ethical values and standards and have to give reasons for their answer, they have to outline the recommendations for audit reform which are primary recommendations, proposed by the introduction of CLERP 9 and what impacts the changes will have on auditing practice are discussed. Our writers can solve every kind of case study and the assignment is written according to the assessment policy stated in subject outline.

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    At My Assignment Services, the case is solved at an affordable price. Our researchers have an access to academic databases and are experienced in solving case studies. The payments made by our clients are safe with us and all the information is keep confidential. The paper is written with originality and is never resold to any other client. Whenever any student needs writing help, they can order their assignment task to us without any hesitation. Our round the clock services are available for students whenever they need them. Our team is dedicated and highly professional. We promise to solve the case study with expertise and always try to give our best to satisfy the clients.

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