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    CRICOS 03149k American College Assessment Help

    Students of American College are given varied assessment tasks and My Assignment Services is here to help them in the same. The assessment questions given to students are:

    1. What is persuasive writing
    2. Describe the initial steps to be taken when a creative brief is given
    3. What legal and ethical requirements impact on the copy to be developed
    4. What does AIDAS and USP stands for
    5. In an assessment, students have to find three persuasive copies and write a brief evaluation of each copy. They have to use and reference AIDAS acronym as the basis for their evaluation.
    6. Another assessment is in which students have to form groups of two and select an appropriate topic to develop a creative brief for the development of the copy and develop a creative copy. Also they have to evaluate both of them
    7. Students have to evaluate the persuasive copy against their perception of how the copy reflects the original idea, budget and time lines, layout, language, color, general appeal, etc
    8. By using a creative brief students have to develop a persuasive copy for the brief supported with a description of the process followed to develop the copy
    9. Students have to give their responses on questions like what are elements contained in a persuasive copy, what happens if you copy fails to grab attention, what is more effective a short or long copy, what is an example of USP, etc.

    We provide assessment help to students all these kinds of tasks in an efficient and complete way.

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    Our expert academic assessment writers create documents to ensure clarity of meaning, consistency and accuracy by using specific and detailed language to convey information. They take responsibility of planning and prioritizing complex assessment tasks and workload. Their processes used are systematic and analytical in non routine, complex situations for designing and gathering relevant information options. They develop new ideas through analysis and exploration. Our experts demonstrate their knowledge about the subject which they have acquired through deep study and research. They have sufficient information to answer the questions and display clarity of thought in their academic writings. We have proofreaders who proofread the final content to ensure completeness and accuracy of the writing. We take full responsibility for following procedures, policies and legislative requirements of the institute and as given by the students.

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