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    Consumer Behavior and its Importance

    Consumer Behavior is the study of how individual customers make decisions on buying a product or what they need, desire, or want regarding a product. It is essential to understand consumer behavior so as to know that how customers will response to a new product or service launched in the market. There are three factors that affect consumer behavior like psychological factors, personal Factors, and social factors.

    The main objective of product marketing is to satisfy the consumer needs and wants. The study of Consumer Behavior helps in designing the best product or service to satisfy consumer demand. Availability of product is made easier and its price is determined. The best method of effective promotion to attract consumers is identified and factors influencing buying decision are determined.

    Course Description of the Subject

    • Introduction to Consumer Behavior and Consumer Research
    • Marketing Segmentation and Positioning
    • Consumer Motivation
    • Consumer Personality
    • Consumer Perception
    • Consumer Attitude
    • Consumer Learning, Memory, and Involvement
    • Consumer Behavior and Marketing Communications
    • Cultural Influences on Consumer Behavior
    • Consumer Decision Making Process
    • Diffusion of Innovation
    • Organizational Buying Behavior

    Career Titles for Students Pursuing Consumer Behavior Study

    Skills required for students to apply for a job position in Consumer Behavior subject are analytical skills, logical thinking ability, creative skills, critical thinking, and communication skills. Students can opt for the following job positions:

    • Consumer Behavior Analyst
    • Consumer Psychologist
    • Senior Product Manager
    • Senior Management Consumer Behavior
    • Marketing Specialist

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