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    BSBDIV601A – Australian Institute of Management Develop and Implement Diverse Policy Assessment Task Help

    In Australian Institute of Management students who are studying Develop and Implement Diverse Policy are given an assessment kit wherein they have to do

    1. Research diversity
    2. Draft policy and plan for implementation
    3. Implement diversity policy
    4. Review diversity policy

    They have to develop a comprehensive diversity policy with details of an implementation strategy and how it will be monitored and reviewed, do critical analysis of an existing diversity policy with an evaluation of its effectiveness and recommendations for improvement and possess knowledge of relevant legislation, codes of practice and national standards. The final assignment prepared our academic experts is authentic, valid and related to competency and reliable to meet the requirements in time. They read the assessment, answer the knowledge questions, complete the task, ensure that additional documents are properly labelled and complete the feedback assessment process.

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    Our academic experts who have knowledge and experience in this subject and field undertake research into the diversity policies and practices that exist within other organisations this may be in the industry or across different industries. In the second assessment task they use the information from Task 1 complete the following tasks relating to diversity policy/initiative formation. By using the template in the course notes as a guide and based on their research from Task 1, they develop a draft diversity policy or they concentrate on revising the current policy. In the third assessment, they implement the diversity policy/initiatives and report on the same. Also a third party report is prepared by them. The knowledge questions answered by our experts are:

    1. List the legislation that you must take into account when formulating a policy on diversity and explain how each piece of legislation impacts policy formation.
    2. Explain the key points of R. Roosevelt Thomas’s model on diversity management, how it applies in general and how it applies specifically to your workplace.
    3. Briefly summarize the three main approaches to managing diversity
    4. Explain how certain characteristics, normally considered discriminatory, may be used in particular circumstances when undertaking recruitment exercises. Give some example of when this is acceptable.
    5. List and give some examples of the potential benefits of diversity to an organization.
    6. Why is it important to ensure that any diversity policy has a ‘strategic fit’ with the organisation that it is written for?
    7. Comment briefly on Leach six phases of assessment and change when developing and implementing a diversity policy. Explain how each phase would be conducted in your organisation.
    8. How does the dominant culture of an organisation support or inhibit diversity initiatives?
    9. Describe the main reasons why individuals resist change and the tactics that can be used to overcome this resistance, particularly when implementing diversity initiatives
    10. What are the key reasons that someone would undertake a review of an organisations diversity policy and initiatives?

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