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    What are Anti-Trust Laws?

    Anti-Trust Laws consist of a set of statuses developed to in order to regulate competition among companies. The aim of Anti-Trust Law is to ensure that businesses are engaged in healthy and fair competition. These laws are formed for protecting consumer rights and saving them from greedy business owners. The first Anti-Trust law was passed by the Congress which was known as the Sherman Act, in 1980 which was a “comprehensive charter of economic liberty aimed at preserving free and unfettered competition as the rule of trade.”

    Anti-trust Laws are essential as they promote and protect healthy competition in the industry. They protect the market from Monopolies, Restraints of Trade, Unlawful Price Discrimination, and Anti-Competitive Mergers. They promote healthy competition, market economics and check abuses that arise in different markets.

    Topics Covered in the Subject

    Mentioned below is a list of topics to be studied by students in Anti-Trust Law:

    1. History of Anti-Trust Law
    2. Fundamentals of Anti-Trust Law
    3. Enforcing Anti-Trust Law
    4. Cartels and Competitor Collaborations
    5. Monopolization
    6. Vertical Restraints
    7. Horizontal Mergers
    8. Sherman Act
    9. Federal-State Commission Act
    10. Clayton Act

    Job Opportunities in Anti-Trust Law

    Students who are studying Anti-Trust Law have possible career opportunities in the government sector, the private sector, and in-house corporate positions. Students can become:

    1. Associate Anti-Trust Lawyer
    2. Anti-Trust Lawyer
    3. Counsel
    4. Discovery Attorney
    5. Counsel, Litigation and competition
    6. Antitrust and Competition Associate – Regulatory
    7. Antitrust Practice Group Associate
    8. Antitrust Associate

    A Wonderful Opportunity for Australian students to score HD Grade in Assignments.

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