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Students of School Engineering and Information Technology at Federation University Australia who are studying Business Information systems are assigned assignments to judge their skills, knowledge and abilities in this particular subject. A type of given assessment is wherein students are told to analyze and evaluate a set of data. Based on the data, they have to write a brief report identifying and explaining their insights into the surgical operations of Best Health Hospital. We are an online company helping students in such kind of assignments. We plan, schedule and execute the ordered project tasks to us. The data provided of Best Health Hospital is converted into more useful information tool by our writers which help in assisting surgical services management. In this kind of writing task, the data about Best Health Hospital’s background, surgical services provided and fees types for various kinds of surgery’s is provided. Our academic experts who belong to Business Information System field have solved many assessments of this kind and have expertise in the same. A worksheet is formed for the variables noted in the data provided and only these variables are used for making calculations. A page is created wherein tabular and appropriate graphical summaries of sales, costs, and profitability are mentioned. In each summary, break-downs are included for surgical types, surgeons and patient categories. They use data validation methods to maintain reliability of data for all variables created. Appropriate formatting is used to highlight significant data-points in calculations and observations. Also they create a navigation system as per the requirements of the client. Further calculations are derived for Income, total costs, difference between actual and expected hours of surgery, etc.

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Our expertise in this subject helps students to score high marks. Our academic experts are efficient in making critical observations based on the data given and calculations derived. Accurate observations are made in graphical and tabular form on changes to profitability of surgical services over the year. Best Health’s most profitable type of surgery, sub-categorized by the type of patient. Best Health’s least profitable surgeon, sub-categorized by the day of surgery. What would happen to profits if the minimum percentage of public patients was increased to 30% or decreased to 20%, etc . Their recommendations regarding making improvements in decision making processes of Best Health Hospital and changes recommended for its surgical services are accurate and reliable.

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The final report delivered by us is appropriate presented and written, containing title page, table of Contents, headings within report, appropriate use of graphs, summary tables and reference to calculations. Summaries to justify recommendations and observations are written at the end. Our academic writing services are widespread and most reliable. Our writing services are affordable as compared to others in the market. With our online presence, customers find it easy to reach us and take guidance from us. We keep a strict check on providing original and quality content to our clients.

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