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My Assignment Services help the students globally in preparing their reports at various educational levels. We are leading education service providers in all academic subjects. One of the subjects included in our writing service is assisting students in Economics and Quantitative Analysis report writing. We have academic experts who hold PhD and Masters Degree in solving questions based on Economics and Quantitative Analysis. Students of Southern Cross University are given a question in this subject as ‘’how much does education effect wage rates?’’ They have to conduct a simple linear regression analysis to analyze the relationship between ‘education’ which is the independent variable and ‘wage’ which is the dependent variable. Our economic analysts assist them completely in preparing the word report on this topic. On the basis of 100 observations for variables like earning per hour (wage), the log of earning per hour (In_wage), years of education (educ), years off education squared (educ2) our economics experts perform linear regression and complete the report for students. In the report, our writers write the purpose of the report, its background, method used for analysis, results obtained, discussions are made and the recommendations are suggested.

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While solving assignments on Economics and Quantitative Analysis, students have to understand statistical analysis techniques and have a basic foundation of economic theories. But due to lack of information and knowledge, they are unable to solve problems in this subject and therefore require help. Our professional services have been assisting students of Economics background since a long time in their writing assessments. The students who have presented our writings and solutions in their academic life have scored high. In the above topic, our writers obtain summary statistics and histograms for the variables WAGE and EDUC and discuss the data characteristics. Then they estimate the linear regression and interpret the slope. Further, calculations of the residuals and plot them against EDUC are made and patterns are observed. Then the estimation of the quadratic regression is done and results are interpreted. Histogram is constructed and log linear regression is estimated. The report is prepared and presented as a single file with an appendix that contains the details of the statistical analysis.

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Our academic experts are accurate, objective, direct, critical and appropriate in writing a report. Proper referencing and proof reading is done by them. Since we are working in the writing field from a long time, we have built a team of professional report writers who can prepare a report on any given topic and know its structure. Our services are flexible and students can connect to us online anytime. We follow highest academic standards. Originality of the written paper is maintained by us. Our fulltime customer support system is available for students to solve their issues and concerns. The requests of all the students are taken care of and every query is handled with care by us. At My Assignment Services, the charges are affordable.

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